I am absolutely thrilled that you would like to be a part of the Chiseled referral program. I truly believe this program is one of the most effective and I look forward to serving your friends, family, and followers through an upcoming round.

How does the REFERRAL program work?

If you are loving your results in the Chiseled program and want to share your testimony to empower others in your circle consider taking part in the Chiseled Referral Program—It’s super easy!

When you share the program with fellow results driven women in your tribe (think friends, family, gym buddy, co-worker, you get the idea.), they will receive a $50 referral program discount and you will receive a 30% referral commission on their registration. The current price for The Chiseled Program is $199 for the 7 week online group. Members of your circle will register for just $149 when registering with the referral link and you will receive a $45 commission (per person).

The program regularly includes new workouts, recipes, and trainings so I am thrilled for the referral partnership to get going!  


How do I receive credit for a referral?

Share this link with your friend when she's ready to register: www.sarahcanntraining.com/Chiseled

Once your friend registers, they will have a spot on the registration form to place your name as their referral. These are tracked throughout the open registration time period.  Referral payouts are sent via Paypal at the end of week 3 of the program.  

I am so excited to share this opportunity with you!  

If you have additional questions about the Referral Program, just ask! Email: team@sarahcanntraining.com.  

Here are my best tips for success as you promote the program:

  • Share your "before and after" photo. This is extremely effective and will always help for marketing efforts. People want to see concrete evidence that the program worked for you. If you do not have a before and after photo, feel free to share a family photo or a simple photo of yourself with your testimony and experience through the program.

  • Share this link https://sarahcanntraining.lpages.co/metcon and simply ask friends and followers to download the free workouts. When they download my free resource they will be added to my email list and are more likely to register later on. You will still receive the commission!

  • Link: www.sarahcanntraining.com/chiseled in your IG profile, blog, or in the comments on a FB post. So your friends can learn more about the program you’re doing and what they can expect.

  • Use the hashtag #sarahcanntraining when posting sweaty selfies or videos of you completing the workouts. This gives your friends a chance to see what a booty kicking this program is! Consider posting about the program a few times a week on your Facebook or Instagram page.

  • Hop on a LIVE video with me to share your testimony and progress on the program. I'll include a strong encouragement to sign up with you for the next round: www.sarahcanntraining.com/chiseled.

  • Talk with your friends individually about the program and share your experience. They’ll need to hear about the Chiseled program several times before they’ll seriously consider signing up.

I am confident that your friends and family will have an amazing experience in The Chiseled Program and I look forward to serving your community.  

Let's work together to empower women to lead strong happy lives! ~Sarah

Over the last two years, I have worked with hundreds of men and women to help them achieve their strength and fat loss goals.  These clients reported:

  • Fat loss and body composition improvements

  • Increased energy, stamina, and strength

  • Better sleep and improved moods

  • Dropped their fear of food

here are just a few client testimonials and progress photos

I have been working with Sarah Cann for a few months now and have never had results THIS FAST!! Sarah is perfect at motivating, educating, and GETTING RESULTS. Working with Sarah has completely changed my mindset and relationship towards food. Over the past few years I have struggled with depression and binge eating and never thought I'd get rid of my "mom pooch." Over the past 6 months I have transformed my body and my mind. I can now go to the beach and feel confident in my skin! PLUS, I'm stronger and faster than I have ever been! Sarah is THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!

-Lindsey Murray


This program was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my weight loss! I lost a total of 7lbs just the first 30 days, have more energy, and finally understand macro tracking. Sarah made the process easy to follow and offered so much support. I can't wait to keep pushing!


Sarah’s carb depletion strategies work, hands down. I spent years trying to out train my crappy eating habits. I finally learned with Sarah that carb cycling and depletion did not mean starvation. I stopped the cycle of gaining and losing the same 10lbs over & over. I’ll never go back to my old habits, thank you Sarah!"--Tiffini


Sarah's workouts constantly push me out of my comfort zone and give me the results I've wanted for so long. Every week is a new challenge!"--Courtney


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