The Diet Rules You Need to Break in order to See Real Results

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Are you still following some of the same old school dieting rules and expecting different results?  If you're serious about shedding body fat, there are a few popular old school dieting rules that you need to break TODAY.  

Some of these are eating myths that we probably witnessed our Mother’s use when we were kids.  Hello?! Does anyone remember, “Just a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and a sensible dinner”--I remember doing that one in high school *insert eye roll* lol!  The other rules are beliefs based on a trendy diet fad.

Regardless of where these rules came from, your aspirations for a lean toned look is likely to fail if you blindly follow them.  Today I’m sharing the diet rules you need to break in order to see real maintainable results.

Check this list and make sure you get the facts.  By breaking these rules you’ll drop body fat faster and move that much closer to your best body goals!

Diet Myth #1: "I should eat more often to avoid starvation mode."
Diet Reality:  There is nothing wrong with eating small frequent meals to keep yourself from overeating at meal time. You never want to get so hungry that you binge. But if you think that eating more often is more effective for weight loss, you're wrong.  Consider following an intermittent fasting routine throughout your week. IF (Intermittent Fasting) has been shown to increase your metabolism and hunger hormones that are necessary in order to burn fat.

Diet Rule #2: "Avoid carbs. They cause weight gain."
Diet Reality: Carbs don't cause weight gain. Starch doesn't cause weight gain, either. You'll gain weight if you eat too many calories, regardless of whether the calories are carbs, fat, or protein. Some people avoid starchy carbs because they usually have little nutritional value and because you are likely to get hungry again quickly if you eat them.  Consider upping your starchy carbs based on your training cycle. Or implement a carb cycling routine, alternating between high and low carb days act as a way to keep your body guessing which can prevent a metabolism slow down.

Diet Rule #3: "Cheat days are good for my diet."
Diet Reality: Cheat days/meals and diets that routinely call for them sound like a great idea because they allow dieters to eat some of the foods that they crave. This is probably why the trend has caught on so quickly. But there's a downside to taking a day off from your diet — and it may cost you a few pounds on the scale.  You’re actually less likely to reach your weight loss goals when you have regular cheat days. This is simply due to having more calories than you’d originally planned and throwing your weekly overall calorie deficit into a surplus.
What’s the solution?  Follow a strategic refeed day once per week depending on your goals.  Plan that day out to the best of your ability. And most importantly track everything that day.  When you see it in black & white, you’re less likely to let it go ape and blow your hard work.

Listen, there are exceptions to every rule. While some of these old school diet rules were originally based on reasonable evidence, some of them have changed over the years (thanks to further research) and no longer make sense.

If you’re adamant about following a diet rule, just make sure you know WHY.  Knowing WHY gives you the tools to see real fat loss and body recomposition changes for the long haul!

The Chiseled program is a rule breaker.  By using the most effective training methods and science-back nutrition strategies I will show you the WHY and the HOW to achieve your best body ever!  Learn more about the program here and let’s get started.

Does Your Routine Need an Overhaul?

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Consistency is good – it's essential – but if you've been doing exactly the same workouts for too long, it's time to switch things up.

You’ve got to accept that if you want to lose body fat and keep it off, you have to stop using the same old training & diet routine you’ve been cycling for years.  Real results are only achieved when you’re challenged in new ways. Today I’m sharing the 5 signs that it’s time to overhaul your routine.


Here are the five signs your training routine needs an overhaul...

Sign #1:  Your workouts are exclusively based on improving your appearance.

Don’t misunderstand me, I get that you want to drop that “Mommy tummy” or reshape your legs.  But make sure you measure your program’s success based on other reasons too.

You need to establish a context outside of your workouts to assess the value of your training, like you're training to improve your health, mental well-being, or athletic performance. Or, just for the sake of challenging yourself in a new way.  When you train for performance, health, and mental well-being, your body/the way you look will always continue to improve.

The opposite isn't usually true, however.  When we diet or train exclusively for a certain scale # or dress size, it can quickly spiral into unhealthy, unsustainable habits that quickly leave us back at square one from where we started.

Sign #2:  Your diet is strict and you’re falling off every weekend or restarting every Monday.  

This one is a no brainer. If you’re still eating less than 1200 calories a day, drop this plan fast.  Those restrictive calories may help you become more disciplined but in the long run, it’s not sustainable.  Also when you limit your food choices or label foods as “bad,” it can lead to overeating and binge episodes when you add those foods back in.

Instead, base your nutrition off of your workout schedule and your goals.  Increase carbs on your training days and lower them on your rest days. Keep it simple.

Sign #3:  All of your workouts are fun and are easy to get through.  

If you have been breezing through your workouts lately, you’re ready for a new challenge.  Think of when you first began lifting weights or walking/jogging, if your workout routine still looks pretty similar to that, I can almost bet that you are no longer struggling with those any of those sessions.  

Once you've accepted that performance is a better measure of progress than aesthetics alone, make sure every workout has a purpose. Start by incorporating 1-2 days per week to complete a workout that’s brand new to you.  And consider trying a workout that kinda scares you--for me that’s any workout that wants me to row or do pull-ups haha! Maybe yours is running longer than 1 mile or circuit training. Think of some workouts that make you hesitant to try...and go do them!

Sign #4:  You’re not as hungry.

Lost that loving feeling (aka hunger) post-workout or at the end of the day?  After a good workout, your body is repairing the muscle fiber that gets broken down during the session.  It needs protein and nutrients to generate new muscle —which is why we feel hungry on days when we have a good workout.  If your workouts are easy, then there are no muscle fibers to repair and our bodies don’t ask for extra food. DON’T MISUNDERSTAND ME.  I’m not saying you should be starving every day and that’s how you know. I’m saying maybe a few days out of the week, you’re freaking hungry because you had a killer training session that day.

Sign #5:  You Aren’t Seeing Any Changes

The mirror doesn’t lie: You should see the physical effects of a fat loss focused workout and nutrition routine at least four to six weeks after hitting it consistently. Nutrition, plays a huge part in this, if you are keeping your eating on track but are still not seeing any physical changes, the most likely culprit is adaptation.  Changing up your macronutrient goals and switching up your training routine can help tremendously in as little as 7-10 days with pushing you past a plateau.

The Chiseled program combats all of these signs by using the most effective training methods and science-back nutrition strategies.  I can promise you won’t be comfortable every day with these workouts! And you’ll learn how to fuel your body with the right nutrition at the right time for sustainable results.  

Consider these warning signs when you’re assessing your current routine. If you’ve realized it’s time for an overhaul, I would love for you to join the next round of The CHISELED Program!  We start Monday, September 10th. Get all the details and register here!

3 signs it MIGHT be time to adjust your macros.

3 signs it MIGHT be time to adjust your macros.

I am often asked, “How can I tell when it’s time to adjust my numbers?”  The answer to this question is it kinda depends on your situation (duh lol).  If a client is seeing great results, it makes no sense to fix something that isn’t broken. Why would I want to reduce calories when she’s still losing at x# of cals per day?  With this said, there are some specific times when we know it can pay off to do something a little differently!