Sunday Confessional (On a Tuesday)

This idea popped in my head last week when talking with a client about being real and sharing the struggles I’ve been facing the last few months. I serve the most amazing women, by the way, who not only allow me to be a part of their journey but also push me to become a better coach, trainer, wife, and mom.  2 conversations in particular have really stuck with me the last few weeks and I wanted to share them with you. Basically, I experienced some “Come to Jesus” moments when my client’s had difficult talks with me and offered honest perspective plus how to turn it around.  You can catch the full video here on my FB page.

These talks planted a seed not only for change but also that if I’m experiencing this, other women probably are as well.  That seed is what lead me to writing this post today.  Every Sunday for the next month or so, I’m going to post a weekly confessional to help me “cleanse” my screw-ups, own my bullshit, and move the fuck on.  

It feels good to let that negativity burn. I encourage you to join me in these confessions, you can comment anonymously here on my blog, post in the comments on FB, or shoot me a message.  Or do none of those things and instead, just confess out loud to yourself or a trusted friend, then let it go and move on with your week.

Hopefully this resonates with you and if it doesn’t that’s cool too.  It’s honestly a bit selfish as I’m using it help myself let go of some things that have been holding me back the last few months.  Alright enough with the why--let’s get to the good stuff, my confessions for the week!

You may or may not have noticed but I’ve basically been a ghost on social media for the last 3 months here’s why:  

Confession #1:  I am struggling with being a Mom of two.  Knox is 8 months old.  You’d think I’d have this stuff down by now.  But nope, everyday provides new challenges that I really suck at. We’ve been sick off & on in our household since Thanksgiving (from stomach bugs to ear infections, everything aside from the flu has kicked our bootys).  February was the first healthy month we’ve had and I finally feel like I can catch up with life!

Confession #2:  Because I’ve been struggling being a Mom of two, I’ve missed a fuckload of workouts.  Like I’ve missed enough workouts to make me feel kinda depressed and not myself. Training sessions for me are therapy.  They help me release stress, help me feel creative, and build my confidence.  Because I was missing these on a regular basis, I started to lose an important part of my life that makes me happy.  That sadness spilled into my business where I know I failed clients in not giving them the best service, mentorship, and education I know that I’m capable of.  

Confession #3:  Missing workouts due to sick kids and prioritizing work led me to eat like shit, often.  Thankfully, I never experienced a binge episode over the last few months, but I definitely ate like crap.  I haven’t tracked consistently since probably November, ate outside of my macros, and just feel squishy in general.  It’s a vicious cycle, we miss workouts because our kids get sick, we get bummed or angry about it, we eat like crap because we think, “What’s the point?  I can’t workout any way, I’m going to get Whataburger.”  

This cycle of negativity I’ve been dealing with continued to spill into the next day and the next until I woke up one morning last week and realized it’s been 2 months since I’ve felt “normal.” Which leads me back to two of my clients tough conversations with me.  I want to thank them for it.  I sincerely thank them so much.  

Emily gave me the kick in the ass I needed to let go of so much control in my business, hire more help, and get over myself & the idea that I need to be doing everything in my business. Helping me realize I was suffering from burnout (it seriously never occured to me).  Lindsey reminded me that it’s good to be vulnerable and that she appreciates my honesty/hearing my struggles.  It allows others to see that it’s not easy for anyone.  That it’s a constant conscious effort every fucking day to make workouts, eating well, and being present happen.

So those are my confessions I needed to get out and today I’m letting them burn.  Today, I’m releasing their negativity and hold over me. Today I’m moving the fuck on.

I hope this weekly post inspires you to confess what’s been holding you back.  Most importantly, I hope this post inspires you to acknowledge it and then let it go & move on.

Have a confession to share?  Post it in the comments or shoot me a message