Three Time Saving Workouts for Busy Moms

Sarah Cann Training

I am so excited to cover some topics specifically requested by you ladies!  

My friend & client, Kim is a wife, mom of 4, and runs a successful design business.  All that background info to say she’s pretty busy! Her older children are back in school (yay!) but has two toddlers to chase around at home all while still trying to get work done.  I’m exhausted just hearing her day!

Kim’s makes it to crossfit 1-2x each week but was feeling like a failure on the days she couldn’t fit the time in. She wasn’t sure what workouts to do on the other days, especially when she’s working out at the house with the kids home.  What’s a busy Mom to do?!

Let me fill you in on what worked for me, Kim, and so many of my clients who are in a busy season of life.  Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite time saving workouts which are especially helpful for busy Moms. Think of these workouts as your go-to when you feel like you’ve got ZERO time in your day!  

First things first, instead of having Kim continue to try each week to stick to a normal lifting split, we adjusted her training schedule to make the workouts more realistic for her busy season.  

The key here is to make time in your schedule for 1-2x gym/crossfit sessions AND plan for 1-2 at-home training sessions each week.  When planning your week, write down these days/times and give yourself a day for margin when you may need to move things around.

With opportunities to train coming by so rarely as a busy mom, we have to make full use of whatever time we can squeeze out to scramble off to the gym for a quick session.

When trying to decide what workouts to stick to during your busy season, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • The workouts need to be short in duration (preferably under 30 mins, but anticipate at least 2 days lasting 45 minutes)

  • You need to work as many body parts as possible per workout (3 or more)

  • You’ve got to keep the intensity high.

Now that you’ve got the guidelines, here are the three time saving workout sessions every busy Mom needs in her weekly routine!

1. A HIIT Session.  HIIT is an acronym for high-intensity interval training. The premise is simple: intersperse rounds of high-intensity aerobic with lower intensity rounds. Studies have consistently shown that this style of training helps to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system to burn more fat as compared to steady-state exercise. Better yet, you’ll achieve these superior results in less time--awesome!!  So, what does hiit look like? Think of Sprints, hill repeats, cycling intervals, etc. Or checkout my recent post for a few suggestions!

2.  A Circuit-based Weight Training Session.  Circuit training is carried out by performing a set of an exercise then moving directly to a different exercise and then another and then another…all with little or no rest between sets/rounds. The idea is to keep your heart rate elevated so that you continue burning a maximum number of calories as you lift. It’s a good way to build muscle and strip away fat: a win/win for us!

The best way to approach circuit-based weight training is by structuring your workout so you work an agonist muscle and then its antagonist. Here’s an example: perform a chest move, follow it with a back exercise, then a quad move, with a hamstring lift, then an abdominal exercise. Here’s what the workout might look like, 3 Rounds/15 Reps each:  DB Chest Press, Standing bentover DB row, Goblet Squat, Glute Bridges, then Bicycles. After you complete a round of the circuit you can perform the entire sequence again another time or two for a terrific metabolic kickstart!

3.  A Compound Training Session.  You might not have heard the term “compound training” but you’re probably at least familiar with the concept. Simply stated, compound training involves combining two different exercises into one movement. While technically any two exercises can be used, it’s generally best to pair a lower body move with an upper body move. Like a squat into a shoulder press, a lunge into a bicep curl…get creative and you can come up with an almost endless array of moves.  String together a few compound moves with short rest intervals and you’ll burn a tone of extra calories while simultaneously cutting your workout time in half!

Being consistent with your workouts is key to hitting your body goals.  

Remember that as a busy Mom you need to accept that you’ll have to get creative with your schedule to make your workouts happen.  

I know that by incorporating these time saving workouts you will get the most out of each session!


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