Are you set up for failure?

Sarah Cann Training

Diet traps claim victims weekly, sometimes daily!  Falling for these myths only set us up for failure and frustration.

Today I'm sharing the most common diet pitfalls and my BEST TIP for how to cruise past them!  

Here are the most common diet traps I see women making over and over again...

Do you fall for any of these?

TRAP #1:  You compare your body to someone else’s.  Don’t compare macros, diet, eating plan, scale, workouts, or anything of the sort with anyone but yourself.  Every person is affected differently by the same workouts or nutrition.

Water your own grass and you’ll reap the rewards!

TRAP #2:  You have unrealistic body expectations or timelines attached to your transformation.  I am not saying that someone who has a significant amount of weight to lose cannot achieve their goal.  I AM saying that by breaking that goal down into smaller more realistic chunks, you have a much better chance at success.

TRAP #3:  You change plans with the wind.  Decide your plan whether it’s Paleo, Keto, Low carb, Macros, whatever but STICK WITH IT FOR AT LEAST 14-21 DAYS before ditching it.  Give your body time to adjust to the changes, get consistent in the plan, and try your best to WAIT before you modify it. Obviously use common sense and do not starve yourself. 

Stick with it and know that you gave the plan your full 110% effort before you pull the plug!

Listen, I sincerely want you to succeed!  

It’s easy to fall into these traps and find excuses for not reaching your goals.  Today starts the first week of a new month.  Today is your opportunity to for a fresh start.

Remain cognizant of your thoughts and actions.  Know that you can rail against these silly traps.


The key to success is to make your goal achievable by setting smaller short term diet goals.  You won’t get where you want to be overnight, but equally you’ll never get where you want to be if you set yourself up to fail before you even start.

Set some time aside today (just ten minutes is all you need!!) and jot down a 6 month goal to achieve by January 2019, then break that goal down into three month, then monthly goals.  Here's my favorite goal setting planner to help you get started!  Click here to download the free printable.  

These smaller diet goals will be tons easier to fit into your routine. Leading to long-term success!


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