The Mental Shift You Need to Achieve Your Goal Body

Sarah Cann Training

Tell me if this is you:  You want strong but lean legs, a gravity defying booty, and sculpted arms & shoulders.  Let me know in the comments if you’d consider these a few of your body goals. If so, you’re not alone!  Many of us are chasing these results but are often falling short in making them happen.


Why are we failing to meet these goals month after month, year after year?  The answer is pretty simple... We’re afraid to eat.


Today I’m sharing with you the BIG Mental Shift regarding your nutrition strategy that I STRONGLY encourage you to adopt as your own. This mental shift is exactly what you need to make that dream body a reality!


Here’s the thing, when I say we’re afraid to eat, I mean we do not apply the right nutrition strategy to achieve our desired body goals, which is adding muscle.  Lean Muscle is what we need/want to achieve those lean legs, perky booty, and strong arms.


This is the MENTAL SHIFT you need to focus on to see big changes:  Aim for MUSCLE GROWTH instead of fat loss.


Often we become so obsessed with fat loss and lose sight of our goal to build muscle (which leads to the results we really want).  Consider how differently women and men think about eating for body goals. Guys typically eat for muscle hypertrophy (growth) and women typically eat to decrease body fat. For many of us, this means going on some sort of restrictive diet and not eating enough calories or nutrients to support muscle growth. Instead of doing what it takes to build muscle and eating enough to make it happen, we continue to jump from diet to diet and get nowhere. Fat loss obsession has become the driving force for many of us and it’s causing negative side effects mentally & physically.  


Let’s change this.  When you shift your focus to gaining muscle as opposed to fat loss exclusively, incredible things start to happen!  Achieving your body goals means eating for the muscle you want and the fat you want to lose. Lean and muscular bodies require consuming enough calories to function at optimum levels in and out of the gym.


So, HOW do you implement this Mental Shift?


Shift 1.  ACCEPT. You need to accept that Eating for muscle growth is completely different than trying to lose a few pounds of fat.  Muscle is highly active metabolic tissue and requires substantial amounts of essential nutrients for repair and growth.


Shift 2.  TOSS. I want you Toss the restrictive diet and eat for muscle growth. Starving yourself and following fad diets are not going to develop the muscle definition you desire.  The muscle you need for the body goals you’re after. When you don't eat enough to sustain your muscle, you are unable to grow lean mass. In addition, starvation mode can increase fat stores and leave you wondering what the heck happened.


Shift 3.  EAT. Eat the right macros, in the right amounts, at the right time in order to shift your focus to muscle gain.  

In order to achieve a lean sexy body, it will be essential to eat lean proteins, healthy carbs, and good fats.  

  • The right macros:  Eat protein to support your muscle mass. Protein is made up of amino acids that help with cellular function and muscle repair. Amino acids need to be available for muscle metabolism (energy) and for ongoing anabolism (muscle growth).  Eat carbs to fuel muscle building workouts and keep blood sugar levels even all day. Consuming quality carbohydrates like veggies, fruits, and grains in proper portions is essential for muscle growth and reducing fat. Healthy carbs provide superior fuel for hard workouts and well-defined muscle.  Eat healthy fats to help hormonal function, especially testosterone for growing muscle.

  • The Right Amounts:  In order to add lean muscle, 25-35% of your daily calories should come from protein.  Keep in mind these % will vary for each person!! Set your carbs around 30-40% of your daily calories in order to fuel those tough workouts.  Then aim for 25-30% of your calories to come from healthy fats.

  • The Right Time:  Every meal should contain a lean protein source throughout your day.  Try to time your carb intake closer to your workout times (1-2hrs before, 2-3hrs after).  Keep fats low during pre & post workout meals. Then on meals that are lower in carbs, you’ll increase your healthy fats to help aid in digestion and protein absorption.

Eating right for muscle growth is essential to hitting your long-term body goals.  Creating muscle definition is hard work and requires specific nutrition to make it happen.  Get started by making this Mental Shift and achieve your goals faster.



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