The 5% Rule

Sarah Cann Training

Last week I shared three signs it’s time to adjust your macros, if you missed that, head over here to catch up.  
Remember, reducing calories is a stress to your body. It’s important that before you do so you have all the other pieces of the puzzle in place, or you could drive yourself crazy! 

Let's address those puzzle pieces first.

Here is the specific order in which to look at things when you’re deciding whether or not it’s time to adjust:
Sleep – Not getting enough? Do something about it, the deep, uninterrupted kind. Sleep affects everything, fat loss is a biggie.
Stress – Season of high stress at work or home? Consider a diet break. Stress affects your fat loss efforts.

Periods/PMS - Bloating and discomfort are obviously quite common prior to your period. If you are just about to start your period, don’t adjust your macros. Wait it out until just after your period to see how things are. Then, if you are still not seeing results, consider making a macro adjustment.

Hydration - If you aren’t giving your body enough water, then your body can’t function optimally. If you aren’t hydrated well, you will not see results. Drinking water is not an option for health and weight loss, it is truly a necessity. If you have been drinking tons of of water, and are still having issues then consider looking at your macros. If you know you haven’t been drinking enough water, then hydrate before making any changes.

Adherence - Are you really on point 90% of the time?
Workouts - Are they happening and at what intensity?

Once you’ve addressed those considerations and are confident that those aren't the  contributing factors to your plateau then it may be time to adjust your macros.  

This is where you'll apply the super simple 5% rule for macro adjustments!

  • If you wake up hungry every day, barely able to make it through your morning fasting window -after 10-14 days of adherence - then try bumping up your macros 5% across the board.

  • If you finish your feeding window starving every day, try bumping up your macros overall 5%.

  • If you end your feeding window so full you can barely move, then you may need to adjust some macros without bumping them up over all. Consider lowering carbs 5% and upping protein 5%.

  • If you’d like to get a little leaner without losing any type of body mass or weight, then keep your overall macros the same (or bump them up a bit) and lower carbs while increasing protein and fat. I would always start with 5% and then adjust from there.

Figuring out the right ratios once you understand macro tracking can be tricky. You need to learn to listen to your body and eat intuitively.

Take your time making adjustments and give them time to work. Don’t make changes to your macros every week. Stick with your changes for at least two weeks to see the overall effects and then adjust from there.  


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