Are You Missing the MOST Important Step for Fat Loss?

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This is by far THE simplest tip I think I have ever shared!!  It was honestly a light bulb moment for me only recently. I was talking with a client yesterday who is brand new to tracking macros and in order to help her understand that piece, we had to take a step back and start with the basics.

Today, I’m sharing with you this first step you should include every time you begin a fat loss nutrition plan...

So, what's the first thing you should consider when it comes to losing fat? It's simple.  Consider your food choices.

Take note, I didn't say macronutrients, tracking, or even weighing your food portions.  Why? Because eating real food is infinitely most important when cleaning up your nutrition.

If we just cut out refined/processed stuff, ate real foods (like animal proteins, vegetables, whole-food fats, natural starches), and paid attention to absolutely nothing else, we would improve our health overall and still lose body fat. Would it be enough to get you shredded? Probably not. But it would take you a good part of the way!

Here’s why food choices & food quality matter:

1.  Looking good (aka shredded) and health ARE NOT mutually exclusive.
There are two extremes. On one end, many competitors will follow specific training, diet, and even sometimes PED’s to achieve a stage winning physique, compromising their long-term metabolic, hormonal, mental, and overall health.

On the other end, many "health nuts" obsess over improving every decimal point in their biomarkers of health, but leave any thought of body composition behind.  Thinking, “I’ll grow to be 120 years old if I have to live and look like a goblin to get there.”

But it's not an either/or situation (my whole feast or famine argument!!).  You CAN improve your health and improve your body composition at the same time. The food choices you make can merge those two goals. You might not end up looking like a fitness model or having to live off trees & nuts alone, but you'll find a balance in between those two.

2.  Sustainability matters.  Any diet can work for the short-term when motivation is high.  Like when you’ve got a vacation coming up or a big social event.  But it's virtually impossible to stay in a calorie deficit necessary for fat loss if you're making poor food choices.

It's really difficult to cut calories while eating junk and expect to stay the course. This is where many people fail on low calorie plans.  You think, “I’ll fill these 1200 cals with a double cheeseburger & fries today.” Then you’re starving by the end of the day. You’re going to struggle to stick with a plan where you’re eating frozen dinners, pre-packaged 100 cal snacks, and fat-free cookies.  Plus, I’ll be honest, fake ice cream tastes like garbage--whether on a cut or not, it is not worth my calories to eat that stuff, yuck!

Fake foods like that are just empty calories with no functional nutrients. They have no positive effects on satiety or hormones that regulate appetite and energy intake. You'll feel constantly hungry, deprived, and miserable dieting on these foods. That's why people yo-yo with these plans. They're not sustainable.

Keep this in mind:  It’s almost impossible to overeat if you're consuming only real foods.

Nature's foods are nutrient dense, high satiety foods, and you'll have a much easier time maintaining a calorie deficit if you focus on them. You'll also get more nutrients out of 1500 calories of real food than 3000 calories of manufactured food. Which is extremely important when operating in a calorie deficit and working towards fat loss!

If you need help getting started with cleaning up your nutrition, I’ve got you covered!  I’ve created a 7 Day Nutrition plan that includes easy to prep meals, instructions for calculating your macronutrient goals, and sample menus for you to get started.  The 7 Day Nutrition plan is just $17 and you’ll instantly receive an instant download upon purchase. Grab a copy here!