My Go-To Strategies to Help You Hit Your Macros Every Weekend!

Do you struggle with sticking to your macros on the weekends?  Staying on track Monday through Friday is the easy part.  It's when the weekend comes that all hell breaks loose! We often think since we ate well during the week, we can splurge a little on the weekends as a reward.  We have a couple of drinks to relax from a stressful week, or we grab dinner with our friends and order whatever dishes we've been craving all week.

ou may think, "A couple days of indulging can’t possibly make that much of a difference." Um…YES IT CAN. Not only will you most likely feel bloated and nursing digestive issues for a day or two, but you also probably exceeded your calorie deficit for the week.  Which also leads to delaying your progress and possibly feeling guilty about having to start all over on Monday.  

f you include Friday evening, the weekend accounts for around 30% of the entire week.  So if you aren’t hitting your macros every weekend, you are setting yourself back by about 30% every week.  Which is why you will notice your results get much better, much quicker, when you actually hit your macros 7 days per week.  

Stop letting the weekend interfere with your progress.  Here are my best strategies for weekend macro consistency!

Pick Where You Eat.  We know that on weekends we often dine out with friends and family at restaurants. And, restaurants can make it easy to overdo things and lose sight of your macros. If you can, you should try to choose the restaurant yourself. That way, you can choose a restaurant that lists the nutritional values of their meals. Or, you can choose a restaurant that tends to have healthier choices, like a farm-to-table restaurant. Best of all, you can help expose your friends and family to a new, healthier style of eating.

Plan Ahead.  If you can’t pick the restaurant you’re going to, make sure you plan ahead. If you’re heading to a chain restaurant, check the restaurant’s website for nutrition information. When you take a look at the menu ahead of time, you can determine what you can eat at the restaurant without totally blowing your macros for the rest of the day. Don’t get stuck eating egg whites and sweet potatoes for the rest of the day!

Follow the Big 3 Strategy.  The Big 3 Strategy is great if you’re eating out but you’re having trouble deciding what foods will fit your macros. Here’s the strategy: choose a protein, a non-starchy vegetable, and a fat source. You should skip the starches at a restaurant because restaurant food is often cooked in a lot of fat and salt to make it taste good. Adding in a starchy carb will spike your insulin levels, which can derail your fat loss goals.

Don't Punish Yourself.  If dinner is amazing and it’s at a special restaurant, don’t stress out about what you eat. If you have the chance to have an unusual meal or a favorite food you hardly ever eat, enjoy it! If you punish yourself afterwards with a long cardio session, or if you try to out-train that bad meal, it doesn’t work. And, you’ll just make yourself feel worse.  It’s important to enjoy the quality time a meal can bring with friends and family.  

Don’t let the weekend cause you to lose momentum in your progress!  As you incorporate these tips for weekend eating into your routine, remember to be kind to yourself.


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