Turn Frustration into Results

Sarah Cann Training

What happens when you’ve stopped seeing progress on your plan?  How do you handle not being able to even start your new training plan because life responsibilities got in the way?  What happens to you when frustration sets in? For me, my frustration manifests into self-destructive behaviors like binge eating, sleeping too much, and making excuses for not working out.

Let’s be clear, life goes left all the time. And while we’re allowed to process the emotions that come as a result, how we handle ourselves during these times will often make or break your progress in achieving your long term fitness goal.

Unchecked frustration becomes resignation and then apathy.  Leading to scrapping your goal all together and saying, “F it, I’ll never be able to drop these last 10lbs,” or “Screw it, if I don’t have an hour to workout, I’m not going at all.” or something similar.  Stop allowing frustration to take the wheel. Use it instead as a reminder of your resiliency.

Here are 3 ways to transform your frustration into results:

1. Switch it up.  If you’re frustrated by your lack of progress, you should probably re-evaluate your current training/nutrition plan.  It’s as simple as that. You’d be surprised at how inspiring it is to just taking a minute reviewing your program and how it pushes you towards to your goals. It might also reveal that your plan isn’t realistic for your current lifestyle and you’ll need to modify it to make it happen. Breaking down your plan and setting new expectations can trigger significant results.

2. Stick to the plan. Starting or restarting a plan only to give up on it a week or two in is a recipe for further frustration. You do not get to complain about your progress stalling if you keep give up! If you haven’t made progress after following the program for the established amount of time (my standard is 4-6 weeks minimum), only then is it time to try something new.

3. Let discipline take over.  It is discipline, rather than motivation, that creates results. Discipline is what gets us to follow through when we are tired or overwhelmed. It outlasts motivation by a lifetime. If we have always relied on motivation to keep us focused on our goals, we will find ourselves making excuses when we are tired or “too busy.”  

A lot of times the fitness & fat loss frustrations we face are a result of impatience. We hate where we are, so we want a quick fix. We find a solution in a shiny new program and we expect it to work 3 days in, but achieving long-term sustainable results do not work that way.  

Next time you’re letting frustration paralyze your progress, stop and take a breath, decide to actually put in the prescribed work of our training/nutrition plans, and take it a day at a time (in some cases hour by hour).  Practicing that discipline is what really produces the results you were looking for. Stop letting frustration cripple your progress and use it as a wake-up call.

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