Stop the Cycle

Sarah Cann

Do you celebrate your willpower every week by blowing your progress on the weekends? Today I want to share my best tips to help you stop the cycle of gaining & losing the same weight week after week.  

Some say that giving yourself cheat days is giving yourself a needed break from your diet. These days are a release valve that help you stick to healthier foods during the week.  

The problem though with those cheat meals is that they can quickly spiral and undo all of the hard work you did during the week.  So here is how you can stop that cheat meal cycle:

The Name Game.  The idea of a cheat day, sets us up to associate foods as “good” or “bad.” Which then means we are “good” or “bad” depending on what we eat. When a food is labeled as a cheat, we can become emotional about having it so then we kind of start to obsess.  So that when we finally have it, we completely overdo it.

You Gain & Lose the Same 3-5lbs Each Week. You’re actually less likely to reach your weight loss goals when you have regular “cheat” days.  This is simply due to having more calories than you’d originally planned and throwing your weekly overall calorie deficit into a surplus.  

Fats, Sugar, & Insulin Spikes.  Since cheat days typically incorporate large amounts of sugar and fat, it has a huge impact on our blood & insulin levels.  So we wake up Sunday craving more sugar & simple carbs. Making it harder to get back to normal eating.

What’s the solution?  

Follow a scheduled high calorie/high carb day once per week that’s specific to your goals.

Plan that day out to the best of your ability.  If you’ve been eating at a 20-25% calorie deficit, bump it up to a 10-15% deficit on the high calorie day.  Increase your carbs to 40-50% and decrease fats, keeping protien the same. And most importantly track everything that day.  When you see it in black & white, you’re less likely to let it go ape and blow your hard work.

Find activities that you enjoy that replace the desire to eat a lot of unhealthy foods, or drink too much alcohol. Maybe it’s joining a sports team, a running club, getting more sleep (not really an activity, but helpful), or doing some community service. Stress and lack of sleep are a big driver of overeating, so adding some activities you enjoy can help reduce stress in your life.

Make your hardest workout on Saturday, or Sunday. I typically train legs on Sundays, which is a tough session that I dread. But it helps keep me in line so I eat smarter on the weekends. Because that leg session is so challenging, I don’t want to negate all the effort with crappy eating later that night, or during the weekend in general.

Clients of the Chiseled program learn how to track macros right away, including this method of cycling our carbs & fats.  This is not a “calories in, calories out” plan because that simply isn’t enough.

We eat the right macronutrients at the right time and for the right reasons. This may sound a little overwhelming, but it’s actually a very simple practice of varying our carbohydrate intake each week to maximize the body’s ability to burn fat.

The way we cycle our carbs is a key element of the CHISELED program.  

I make it very simple to track macros and accessible even to beginners.  If you’re interested in more information or signing up for the next round, click here!