Manage Your Macros Like You Manage Your Money

Sarah Cann

In order to help you create a diet that will get you the results you want as painlessly as possible, I am going to give you a quick lesson on budgeting and how it’s related to making the appropriate food choices. You may be surprised to find just how many parallels exist between your diet and your bank account!

As an adult, you get to choose how you spend your money. Your money is yours to spend however you choose, but you also know that you have to fulfill certain financial obligations in order to survive. Thus, you seldom spend your money carelessly or with minimal concern to your safety and survival.  For example, you know you can afford some new Lululemon but do you reaaaalllyyy need another pair of tights? Probably not, so you hold off on the $100+ purchase because it may not be a wise financial decision at the time.


You also get to decide what you eat. You get to put literally anything in your mouth that you want, as often
as you want, at whatever volume you want; and you know this.  Because you care about your health, athletic performance, and fat loss, you focus on first filling your macros with whole minimally processed foods.  But we’re human and those cravings begin to kick in at some point for the “bad stuff” like pizza, burgers, or margaritas. By planning ahead, saving, and budgeting calories for these indulgences, of course. You know that you technically could go overboard and eat two large pizzas, but you don’t, because it’s not a wise caloric decision.

This is why you should consider spending your calories in the same way that you spend your dollars: responsibly and wisely, and then indulge with what you have saved after you have paid your dues!

How do you want to spend your calories and macros? This is a very important component to creating your nutritional lifestyle. The most important things to consider are your goals, well-being, happiness and longevity. So, when you sit down to plan out your meals, you get to make a choice. Eat more by being calorically/financially responsible by only eating what you need? Eat less and only eat french fries and doughnuts? A happy medium between the two? It’s entirely up to you!

Here’s a brief example of how I manage my macro budget:  I have a “sweet tooth” habit that I have no intention of breaking.  In years past, I would indulge in a cupcake or donut then I’d be stuck eating egg whites and sweet potatoes the rest of the day because I blew my carbs & fats.  I’d end up so hungry between meals! Point blank, I wasn’t making wise caloric decisions.

When I began contest prep, the first few lbs came off quickly once I began budgeting these treats and sticking to the budget!  I “set aside the funds for it” so to speak. Getting rid of a weekly doughnut or cupcake is simply out of the question, so I plan them ahead of time and eat healthily around those pre-tracked treats the rest of the day.  This is why I can eat a cupcake while prepping for a show. I’m macro’ ballin’ on a budget!! The rest of my diet is pretty dang bro (bro diet = chicken, brown rice, sweet potato, lots of green veggies) which is totally good with me, as I’m still getting to enjoy a cupcake or doughnut a few times a week!

Planning is undoubtedly what most people fail at when it comes to nutrition.  That’s right! Nutrition takes effort and a plan! Planning ahead doesn’t have to be tedious at all. In fact, you will find pre-planning your meals actually saves you time in the long run.

Start managing your macros like you manage your money and you’ll see sustainable results with minimal deprivation.  Next week I’ll dive into the specifics of meal planning with your macro budget--Stay tuned!

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