My 3 Best Tricks for Consistency


Here's what you need to know...
Consistency is the most critical part to training and fat loss success.  You can dramatically improve your progress by using accountability, better decision-making, and using flexible strategies.

More often than not, it's not about discipline, it's about creating the perfect environment for success.

One reason consistency typically takes a backseat is that when life happens, workouts & eating right are typically the first activities to be sacrificed. The big lie you'll tell yourself is, "Well, my training won't suffer if I just miss this one workout."

By mid-January New Year's resolutions get tossed. Here’s why: Resolutions without a realistic plan and consistent accountability are rarely achieved.  Those resolutions are quickly dropped the moment “life happens.”  

Instead of throwing in the towel on those goals...

Today I want to share with you my 3 best tricks to staying consistent:

1 – Be Accountable to a Program.  There's no shortage of solid programs or eating plans available.  Before worrying about which program is best, just start doing one. Chances are, no matter which one you pick, doing it consistently will work dramatically better than doing what you're doing now with no consistency.

The beauty in following a training program or nutrition plan is that you're accountable to its pre-formatted schedule.  If the program calls for you to squat on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, then on Thursday night you know what you'll be doing tomorrow.  

Training programs and nutrition plans– even the worst ones – make demands on you.

2 – Be Accountable to a Target.  I’ve shared my love of competing in the NPC and while I’m not suggesting everyone go compete, I do encourage you to set dates or benchmarks for your progress.  You may be nervous about setting dates or deadlines but here’s the thing, aiming for targets is how you reach them--no matter how long that may take,

You can set targets in a variety of ways:  choosing a race distance, a crossfit competition, or even aiming for a favorite pair of jeans to fit again!

3 – Base Goals Around Behaviors, Not Outcomes  This is simple but game changing. It's based on control. More specifically, control what you can, and don't stress the rest. Outcomes are based on so many variables, and often beyond your attempts to control all of those variables..

Behaviors though are within your control. You’ve got to identify behaviors that will likely lead to desired outcomes, and then frame your goals around these behaviors.

Here are a few examples:  Aim for 15 workouts next month, while getting in 130g of protein each day.  You can do both of those things, and if you do, chances are you’ll be closer to your goal at the end of the month.

Other examples might be drinking enough water, improving your sleep, or signing up for a competition. The key is to find your weakest habit patterns and then replace them with more productive ones.

I hope these tricks are helpful!  Just remember, these are all methods that will help you shape your habits to give you the best chance of success.