New Year’s Goal Setting that Gets Results

New Year’s Goal Setting that Gets Results.png

As we hit the ½ way mark of January, have you decided what goals you are going to focus on in 2018?  I despise the term “New Year’s Resolutions” and prefer to call them “Goals” instead.  Resolutions lack guidance and are often too broad for us to stick with.  I love using goal setting because it gives us an opportunity to create action plans and set deadlines (I am a list-minded person btw)!

If you’re new to goal setting or not sure how to start, don’t stress!  Today I’m sharing my best tips to help you get laser focused on 1-3 main goals for the year.  PLUS you’ll learn the tools to help you create a realistic action plan that practically guarantees you will see success!  

Let’s start with my top 5 tips for goal setting (grab a free copy of the goal setting worksheets I LOVE to use here):

1. Aim for 2-3 goals max.  Choose 1 goal for the most important categories in your life.  This should total about 3-4 goals for the year:  Family, Professional, Health/Fitness, Financial, and Spiritual are just a few examples of categories that you may want to set goals for.  Keep the list small, prioritize 2-3 that you are going to create action plans for.  Studies show that any more than 10 goals can make you feel overwhelmed and lead to stagnation--less is more!

2.  Discover your why.  Now that you have your goals 2-3 categories, take time to write down why reaching this goal is meaningful.  What will your daily life look like when you accomplish this goal.  For example, if your goal is to lose 20lbs:  You can envision having the energy to keep up with your kids on the playground.  Consider how great you’ll feel when you’re confident in how your clothes fit or how you’re body is banging in those skinny jeans.  Picturing how our daily life looks having achieved the goal is so important in keeping you motivated!

3. How will you reach this goal.  Write down some key items that are required to reach your goal in each category.  The "how" does not have to be super detailed as you may try a variety of ways to get there.  It should however have some general items to hit.  If you're goal is to pay off credit card debt, maybe your how will include having a weekly budget meeting with your spouse or partner to ensure you're on the same page.  Include at least 2-3 options on how you can reach each goal.

4.  Set deadlines.  Aim to achieve 1 goal each quarter of the year.  When you have a date set, you are more likely to push yourself to meet that deadline. Keep the deadline realistic.  You won't lose 50lbs in 2 months. Instead aim for that by the end of the 2nd quarter in 2018.  I like to give myself small monthly rewards to keep me motivated along with the deadlines.  It doesn’t need to be extravagant, maybe scheduling a pedicure or getting a new pair of running shoes.  Those little rewards go a long way!

5. Keep this list visible.  This step is by far my favorite!  Print out your goal setting worksheets, fill them out, and keep them visible near your desk or workspace.  I encourage you to read through your goals and action items DAILY for the next 30 days.  Then review them weekly and monthly to update action items, reassess deadlines, and ensure you are still working towards them!

Now that you’ve got my best tips, get to work on setting goals that get results!  Grab a free copy of my favorite goal setting worksheets here.  

I cannot wait for you to start crushing your 2018 goals!

Talk to you soon,


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