3 Things All Successful Diets have in Common

There are a ton of safe & effective diets on the market today.  From Intermittent Fasting to Keto, the possibilities are endless.  But today, I want to share what makes all of these diets successful.

No matter which diet you choose, when it comes to weight loss, what matters most is that there is some sort of calorie restriction.  If the diet leads to a calorie deficit, you will lose weight.  So, when you are researching your next diet or nutrition plan, here are the 3 things you need to look for to guarantee success:

1. Successful diets include lots of vegetables.

This is, of course, important not only for nutrient, keep-on-living reasons, but also to fill your stomach with something low-calorie that also keeps the “hungries” away.  Keeping full is what will help you stay successful while eating at a caloric deficit.

2. Successful diets avoid added sugars and refined grains.

You know foods like cookies and cake obviously have added sugars. Foods with refined grains will also look similar to foods with added sugars. In general, refined grains are in foods that are smooth and consistent in texture, like wallpaper paste.  Foods that have fewer refined grains are filled with chunks and look coarse.

Sugar adds lots and lots of empty calories, in addition to mucking up your insulin levels. Refined carbohydrates do largely the same. The easiest way to avoid both things is to refrain from eating virtually anything that comes in a box, cellophane bag, from behind a glass pastry case, or ordered through the mouth of a giant plastic clown in a parking lot.

Avoiding both added sugars and grains will again lead to inadvertent calorie restriction.

3. Successful diets keep you feeling full.

A diet that contains lots of vegetables and avoids added sugars and refined grains will always lead to fat loss. But, if and when they ultimately fail, it's usually because of yet another common reason: satiety, or lack of it.

People stop following diets because they're rarely full and the gnawing urge to eat something finally makes them cave and revert to previous eating habits.

So, how do you stay full?  Use these 3 strategies:

  • Fill your belly with vegetables at most meals, especially dinner.
  • Avoid added sugar and processed carbs.
  • Stay full with psyllium, natural peanut butter, or extra virgin olive oil.

Psyllium is just soluble dietary fiber derived from a plant. Mix it in water and slug it down. It forms a gel that slows down the body's digestion, in addition to making you feel full.

Either take a teaspoon any time you feel hungry between meals, or you can have it before a meal to increase fullness and keep you from going nuts at your meal.

A tablespoon of natural peanut butter also works well, as does a tablespoon or two of olive oil. Obviously, these latter two methods contain fat and have considerably more calories than the psyllium, so you may want to rotate between the three methods.

I hope these tips were helpful and if you have questions about which “diet” is right for you, message me and I’m happy to offer suggestions.

Sarah Cann Training Strong