Quick, Healthy Meal Prep Options

I completely understand not finding time in your schedule to meal prep.  I have only recently struggled with this problem since Knox’s arrival, running a full-time business from home, along with a husband who owns his own business, we are busy people!  Let’s be real, there are weeks when I cannot meal prep.  For a while I was failing week after week.  I’d order groceries, pick them up, only to be scrambling every day for us to throw our meals together.  That frustration led to outsourcing our meals using Icon Meals.

Today I want to share with you what’s worked for us to make healthy food happen even with a crazy schedule!

Many grocery stores -- like HEB and more upscale Whole Foods type places -- offer a wide range of grab-and-go options such as salad bars, prewashed baby veggies, or individually portioned meal options.  I also just heard about a local supplement store that’s offering grab n’go type meals that are very macro friendly.  More stores are offering this service so you should try them out!

Depending on what you can afford, consider a healthy meal delivery service, even if only for one or two meals a day. If you don't enjoy cooking, or are very busy, you might find that removing the hassle of meal prep is worth quite a bit of money to you when you add up all the time and worry you might spend on it.

So far, I’ve found few different meal delivery services like Icon Meals, Freshly, Mymetabolicmeals, and Prepped Delivery.  All of these offer either individual purchases or bulk options for weekly delivery.  I’ll be sure to post the links on my blog this week so you can check them out!

Here’s what we specifically do:  We prep 1-2 proteins (about 2lbs each) and 1-2 starches each week.  Then I order 6-8 Icon Meals each week that cover us for during the day (we typically eat at least 2 meals during the day).  This way the food that I prepped takes care of our dinners and I’ll just add a side of veggies or a salad to round it out.

Bottom line, do what works best for YOU.

You can mix and match all of these options, in any way that works for you.  In either case, you’ll need to plan, prepare, and put it into practice to get the results you’re after!

If you need some guidance on how to start a weekly meal prep routine, download my free beginner’s guide to meal prep.  I take you step by step from planning to clean up to help make your prep easy to manage!