Get Over Your Fear of Carbs

What is it about carbs that makes women so insane?

You have got to let go of your fear of carbs.  I want to share with you 3 important lessons I’ve learned in getting over my fear of carbs.  If you have girlfriends who you’re trying to push to eat more carbs, share this with them!

What is it about carbs that makes people act insane?

When you understand the science of why carbs are important to any weight loss or strength gaining program, you’ll learn to let it go.  Carbs don’t have to be your enemy. Anyone with a healthy metabolism can learn to live with them in peace with the right attitude.

Here are 3 ways you can drop your carb fears:

1. Don’t moralize your carbs.

Foods, even those that contain carbohydrates, are not all “good” or “bad.” Some may support health more than others, and some may remind you of your childhood (for me it’s massive plate of enchiladas, rice, & beans). There’s value in both and no need for feeling guilty or virtuous in either case. Drop the moralization and you can start to see your actions more objectively, which is half the battle.

2. Prioritize unrefined starches.

I’ve come to accept that I don’t function well without some starchier foods in my life.  Dropping my carbs drastically gets me very hungry, making it harder to stay on track and more likely I’ll binge feeling so restricted. It also makes my workouts suffer and makes it nearly impossible to eat out with family & friends.  Instead, I prioritize whole minimally processed carb sources (sweet potatoes, quinoa, pumpkin, oats) before simple sugars.

3.  Adjust your methods.

Drop your restrictive low carb meal plan, and begin implementing carb cycling or even carb depletion methods.  Carb cycling will give you an opportunity to slowly increase your carb intake without sending your metabolism into a tailspin.  Carb depletion will help you see significant fat loss but also give you a “diet break” once a week.

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