Just accept that you need discipline


When I work with clients, I can usually tell pretty quickly whether they'll reach their fitness goals.  I can tell by the strength of their self-discipline. Without self-discipline, a person can train hard, but will likely be inconsistent. Temptations to opt out of a workout or eating outside of their macros always lurk, and without self-discipline, they're more likely to give into those temptations.

We are not born with great self-discipline skills-they take a conscious effort. Self-discipline is the ability to do a task even when you don't want to. I could think of a million things I'd rather do than workout these days, especially being 38 weeks along. But I understand that when I skip workouts, it affects other areas of my day, like my energy, the way I eat, and even my ability to handle stress. 

I want you guys to just accept that you need discipline to stay on track and most importantly share with you a few ways to get that self-discipline back!

  1. Set specific goals:  Measurable goals are more reachable. "Improve my speed" is much more difficult to work toward than "Improve my mile time by three minutes." Including specific measurements in your goals also make them easier to track.
    Once achieved, they also lead to satisfaction. Most important, these specific numbers will add fuel to your self-discipline fire. You'll see how far you've come.

  2. Accept that sacrifices have to be made:  To reach your goals, you're going to have to pay a price. This price might be as simple as skipping dessert, or as difficult as saying “no” to family or friends who try to derail you. See them as a daily test of your will.
    A little indulgence especially in the beginning can lead to major slip-ups. You only need a few undisciplined moments to spiral. Instead of feeling like these sacrifices are making you miss out on things, see them as wins.  Each sacrifice is a victory for your self-discipline.

  3. Stop skipping your weaknesses:  I despise rowing and yoga.  I am terrible at both of them.  But here’s the thing, I will never get better if I don’t work on them.  *CLIENT REFERENCE* If you want to reach your goal, force yourself to work on your weaknesses. Training through your weak areas is a sign of self-discipline. It's not fun, not easy, and definitely not something your mind or body wants to do.  The sheer difficulty of working through your weakness will strengthen your self-discipline skills. However, once you are set on your schedule to get in those weakness area workouts, you must get it done. Skipping the challenging workouts will cause irreversible damage to your development of mental toughness. Don't be soft on yourself.

I hope these tips are helpful and allow you to realize we ALL need help with self-discipline in order to reach our goals.

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