IIFYM & Pregnancy: Should you increase macros at every trimester?

Now that I’m 38 weeks along (yikes!) and have been successful in continuing to use IIFYM I wanted to address a common question I get in terms of setting your macros during pregnancy.  *Disclaimer*Please make sure you talk with your OB or Midwife if you’re new to using IIFYM and get their ok!

The question I’m asked most often is about whether or not to adjust your macros in each trimester as your weight increases.  Today I’ll give you the low down so you can decide for yourself!  

In the first trimester:  If you’ve been dieting when you discover you’re pregnant, you’ll want to bring your calories/macros up to maintenance.  You can use an online calculator you’ve been using or message me and I’ll send you an easy printable one so you can figure them.  You’ll set them at .8-1g/lb of bodyweight, keep fats around 30-40%, then fill in the rest with carbs.

 In the 2nd trimester: I recommend increasing your intake by 200-300 calories (this is completely up to you!  I personally didn’t increase and instead increased intake on my high carb days.  If you’re having food aversions, don’t stress over hitting your #s day in/out),  The additional calories should come from carbs or fats whichever you prefer.

In the 3rd trimester:  You may want to add in another 200 calories and add those mostly in carbs & protein.  I’ve found that my hunger has been insane in the last trimester so I definitely needed this increase.  Go by feel and eat intuitively at this point.

I hope this helps you make sense about adjusting your macros throughout your pregnancy! Just remember, enjoy this time, enjoy eating good foods that support healthy baby growth, and don’t skimp on your prenatal vitamins, The most important thing is to take care of yourself and eat what you can to grow that little baby!

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