3 Red Flags to Look Out for on Your Fitness Program

Romantic relationships and working out can share a lot of similarities. In the beginning you’re eager to get to the gym and work hard. You feel good, sleep better and are generally happy. This is the honeymoon period. Then one day something changes. You lose momentum. You’re no longer motivated. Everything hurts. Honestly, you just want it to end. You and your workout clearly need “to have a talk.”

I’ve found 3 red flags to help you determine if it’s time to put in the effort to keep pushing your workout routine or if things have gotten so bad that you need to break up with your workout and find a totally new one!


Here’s how you know it’s either time to break up with your routine:

  1. You’d rather just go do cardio.  Ugh, this one is like a stab to my heart!  I want all of my clients to see cardio as a last resort not a “go to.”  If you’ve been doing traditional weight training, change to circuit training or intervals, which offer a new stimulus to your brain.  HIIT training incorporating cardio can replace your cardio sessions and get you out of the gym faster.

  2. Your workout feels easy.  This was my client’s issue.  She felt like her resistance training wasn’t difficult or leaving her fatigued after sessions.  When your workout feels easier it means you’re making progress. That’s the good news. But when you’re no longer challenged, it’s time to add some variety.  Since our bodies adapt to stresses, it’s a good idea to change your routine every four to eight weeks, which prevents (lack of challenge) from settling in.  This is what I LOVE about well written training programs, they build over the course of 6-12 weeks.  Just when you start to get bored, they change things up and challenge you in new ways.  It optimizes the adaptation process so your body always has to improve.  This is how I write my programming, every single workout has a purpose.  That’s how you should approach your gym time.

  3. You’re gaining weight (and that’s not your goal).  If your workout routine does not incorporate changes to your diet, your hard work is almost completely voided (sorry to say).  If you find you’re gaining, you’re likely eating more to compensate for the lower blood sugar that results from an intense cardio or strength workout.  Or it’s possible you’re rewarding yourself for a job well done by indulging in too many calories.  Putting you at an increased intake instead of a deficit.  The solution: burn more calories than you eat in a day.

I hope these red flags help you realize if it’s time to drop your routine or recommit to your current one!

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