Balancing Workouts, Parenthood and Everything Else Life Throws at you.

Balancing workouts, parenthood, and everything else life throws at you.  Learn Jason & I’s  top tips for making this routine a lifestyle!


Hey guys, today we wanted to share how we prioritize our healthy lifestyle while being parents, small business owners, and everything else set on our plates!  We honestly do not spend more than an hour max at the gym or working out and typically average about 5 days a week of training. 

Here is how we do it!

  1. Make a plan or schedule for who is working out when each day.  This is especially important if you’re parents to babies or young children.  Talk with one another about who is training when and jot it on your family calendar OR better still add it to your spouse’s calendar on their phone.  Set a reminder so just in case the workout time is when you need to pick up a kiddo the other person knows.


  1. Share the burden of meal prep.  Decide who’s doing what and divide & conquer.  If one person loves to grill, let them take over all of the chicken & beef prep on the bbq pit.  The other can prep the sides for the the week.  Accept that you’ll have to do a mid-week prep as well and keep that one simpler like throwing chicken in a crockpot or using microwave rice cups.


  1. Keep each other motivated, the hard days are ahead.  There will be more days you feel like skipping the gym or making excuses for picking up take-out.  Do not let one another fall off!  Offer suggestions to make the workout fit their schedule or how you can get the kids fed, dinner on the table, etc.  Of course, try to speak with love to keep each other motivated!


How do you and your hubby/wife balance a healthy lifestyle?  Share with us by commenting--we’d love to learn new tips!