My top 3 Do's and Don'ts of Using IIFYM While Preggo

So I’m about 33 weeks along give or take a few days and I’m excited to share with you guys my pregnancy journey round #2!  The biggest push back I’ve heard from my family and friends outside of the fitness industry is, “Why are you still tracking?”  Or “Are you still dieting?”  I completely understand their concern but the thing is the rules that applied years ago to women’s prenatal diet simply don’t apply now. 

Today I want to share my top 3 Do’s and Don’ts of using IIFYM while pregnant or nursing.  If you’re pregnant, a new mom, or have friends you think would benefit from this info, please share this out with them.  I’d sincerely appreciate it!  Before we dive in, let me be clear, be sure you get the ok from your Doctor or Mid-wife if you’re considering changing up your nutrition during pregnancy.  Every pregnancy is different so it’s important they’re able to keep track of your adjustments.

Here are my top 3 Do’s and Don’ts of using IIFYM while pregnant or nursing:

DO:  Calculate your macronutrient goals for maintenance and add 200-300 calories on top of that goal to support your growing baby.  There are a ton of free online calculators you can use or drop me a message and I’ll share with you a simple one to use. 

DON’T:  Attempt to lose weight while pregnant.  Of course your Doctor or Mid-wife may suggest you limit your weight gain, they almost never recommend trying to under eat.  Dieting during pregnancy can just set you up for disappointment and an unhealthy food relationship.

DO:  Aim to fill most of your calories and macronutrient goals with whole minimally processed foods FIRST.  Try your best to keep track of your micronutrients (the vitamins & minerals that make up your foods) within MFP.  It’s just as an encouraging when you see you’ve hit your iron goal and it is when you’ve hit your protein goal!

DON’T:  Feel guilty about tracking dessert or pregnancy cravings.  That’s what I love about IIFYM, dropping the food guilt.  33 weeks along and my sweet tooth is in full force some days!  So, I log the banana nut muffin I ate this morning, lower my carb intake the rest of the day, and move on.

DO:  Make sure you’re getting adequate protein (at least 30-40%) throughout your pregnancy.  This is especially important for women who’ve been working out and are wanting to maintain as much muscle mass as possible during pregnancy.  It’s so easy to lose during this time b/c our workouts change.  But it can at least be slowed down by keeping a high protein diet.

DON’T:  Be afraid to increase your healthy fat intake.  I personally aim for about 35-40% of my daily intake to come from fats.  Fats will not make you fat.  Just aim for your fats to come from great sources like grass fed butter, whole milk yogurt, cheese, nuts/nut butters, or avocados.  You need these healthy fats not only to support you but your growing baby’s healthy brain development!

I hope this list of my Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts was helpful!  You can learn even more about healthy nutrition during pregnancy by signing up for my FREE Mommyies and Macros 5 Day Online Workshop that starts on Monday, April 24th.  Get the details and secure a spot via the link here