Stop Trying to Skip the Struggle

Stop trying to skip the struggle.

I see so many marketing techniques via social media & email for weight loss products, programs, cleanses, whatever talking about how simple & easy to follow the program is.  Or how easily the weight just “falls off.”  I myself am guilty of this type of marketing because I practice IIFYM and understand how easy it is to follow. 

HOWEVER, today I want to share & encourage you to stop trying to skip the struggle!

Bottom line, weight loss is hard, strength gaining is hard, and that’s ok, you can do hard things.  It’s been my experience that the hard days, the days I’m really struggling make the days that kick ass so much sweeter!

I want you to embrace the hard days with open arms and know that the days of sticking to your macros won’t always be so difficult.  Here are some things to keep in mind on the days you’re struggling:

  1. Stop trying to be perfect.  Accept the days you blow it by meal 2, regroup and try to do damage control with the rest of your meals.

  2. Consistency wins in this game.  If you can’t rescue a crappy eating day, end your day by planning for the following day ASAP.  KNOW what you’re going to eat to get back on track.

  3. Consider your health as well as your physique.  Carb cycling is a tool for fat loss.  Fat cycling is not.  You cannot keep reducing your fat intake in an effort to keep your carbs high.  Our bodies need essential fats for basic hormone function.  

  4. Notice concerns and don’t personalize them.  Don’t associate a hard day or a day you’ve blown it with who you are as a person.

  5. Work on solutions one day at a time.

  6. Stop doing things that don’t work.

  7. Don’t try to outsmart your plan. Like carb or fat hoarding (it’s ok every once in awhile but if this becomes a pattern for you, you’re setting yourself up for disaster)

  8. Problem solve for success

I wanted to share these today because I struggle too and I have hard days too!  This is what helps me manage them and keep pushing through.  I hope these tips are helpful!

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