Why is Old School Dieting STILL So Popular?


Today I want to share with you ladies some common mistakes we make when trying to drop fat fast and how to avoid them.

The typical old-school approach to cutting is really about just losing weight as fast as possible.
Here are the usual suspects I see when women are trying to drop 8-10lbs:
-An extra large reduction to your calorie intake.
-A huge increase in cardio… something like 30-60 minutes of steady state activity done 5-7 days per week is pretty normal (coming from doing zero cardio during the bulk), with maybe some HIIT thrown in for good measure.
-A switch from heavy weight and low reps (for bulking and building muscle) to light weight and high reps (for cutting and toning, duh)
-A switch from eating lots of junk while bulking to only eating “clean” foods now that you’re cutting.
If all of that sounds right to you, then please hear my words, “STOP NOW.”  Everything associated with that old-school approach to dropping fat is VERY wrong and VERY counterproductive.

Yes, you’ll lose weight for sure… probably really fast too. But, THAT’S the problem with dieting this way. “Weight” isn’t just fat… it can also be muscle. And believe me, when following these methods… you can bet your ass that a significant amount of the weight you lose will be quality lean muscle.

Yup, the same quality lean muscle you just put in a ton of time and effort to build.
Losing weight is simple, but ensuring the weight being lost is fat and NOT muscle takes effort and attention that this approach not only doesn’t provide… but completely goes against. I don’t recommend it to anyone.

INSTEAD Here’s the right way to drop fat:

The goal with this approach isn’t to just lose weight as fast as possible. The goal here is to lose body fat while maintaining all of your hard-earned muscle and strength.

1.  A caloric deficit is still DEFINITELY required, only now it’s closely monitored (as is the rate of weight loss) and set to a level that will produce optimal fat loss without hindering recovery and negatively impacting your performance in the weight room (which would lead to muscle loss).

2.  Cardio is completely optional but can still definitely be done to create/help create the required deficit. However, it’s programmed properly in sane amounts (and intensities) to avoid the same recovery related problems I just mentioned would lead to muscle loss.

3.  Similarly, the rest of the diet plan (especially protein intake) is set up accordingly to suit the goal of preserving muscle while losing fat in a way that is the perfect combination of highly effective, enjoyable and sustainable.

4.  And, most important of all in terms of maintaining muscle… your weight training routine is adjusted intelligently to compensate for the drop in recovery/performance that comes with being in a caloric deficit, and to ensure strength levels are (at the very least) maintained.  My CHISELED Body program does all of this for you BTW =)

With this type of smart nutrition and workout plan, we’re doing everything we can to ensure body fat is being lost as fast as it can be while ALSO doing everything we can to ensure ALL of our lean muscle and strength is being maintained during the entire process.

I would love to help you drop body fat in the most effective way possible in my CHISELED Body program!  There is still time to register and payment options are available so just ask:  https://goo.gl/kPCV6K