Be Ruthless With Your Time


Have you ever noticed how easy it is to make a to do list, but how much harder it is to actually finish it? Prioritization makes a huge difference when it comes to actually completing that task list. The trick is to be as ruthless as you can stand.

First, Brain Dump, dump all of your task for the week onto 1 page.

Second, Analyze your task list start by looking for any tasks that can be dumped completely. Delegation is a perfect way to quickly cut down your task list—is there anything you're waiting on others for? Get it off your list. No one to delegate to?  Throw that task onto a follow-up list or a “some day” list so you don’t forget it. but getting it off your normal to do list will relieve the pressure of seeing it there all the time.

3rd Make a list for Today, Ignore everything else you could be doing (until you're ready to plan tomorrow's list).I like to include any calendar events on my "Today" list, so I see an overview of my entire day and set my expectations accordingly. This also stops me from planning too many tasks on days I'm in meetings for hours.  A good rule of thumb when planning out your day is to underestimate how much you can get done and overestimate how long each task will take. No doubt you've got plenty of things to be going on with if you check everything off your list for today, which is a much better feeling that always moving unfinished tasks over to tomorrow.

Lastly, Choose 3 “MOST IMPORTANT TASKS” of the day.  As someone who has ADHD, this helps me tremendously with getting ruthless with my time.  Out of my task list for the day, I’ll decide what 1 main theme will I focus on today.  For example, my theme today is creativity/research.  So every task I need to accomplish is related to that theme. 

Here’s how this relates to your workouts & nutrition:

  • Brain Dump your fitness, weight loss, or nutrition goals

  • Analyze what’s realistic and set deadlines

  • When making a “to do” list for today, get specific about where your workouts & meal planning/prep fit into that (For example, I’m grocery shopping this afternoon, food prepping tonight which sets us up for success to stay on track this week)

  • When deciding your 3 most important tasks, include your workouts OR sticking with your macros (not both).  Including both can leave you feeling overwhelmed if you’re just starting out.  Choosing a single task or idea to focus on can be a good way to remind yourself to stay on track whenever you find yourself getting distracted.

I hope these tips are helpful!  If you need some workout ideas, go download my glute & core guide via the link here and I will hook you up with 4 of my favorite booty & ab circuits!