Here are the REAL Reasons Your Abs Aren't Shredded

Here are the REAL reasons your abs aren’t shredded.

I am so over seeing various fitness guru’s touting, “Abs are made in the kitchen.”  Before everyone freaks out, let me say that a FLAT stomach is made by lowering your calorie intake either by your diet, workouts, or a combination of both and by eating whole minimally processed foods.  But if you’re chasing those oblique cuts and maybe even a 4 or 6 pack, I’m sorry to say that it won’t be by diet alone that will get you there.

Today I want to share with you 3 REAL reasons you’re not seeing those ab cuts you’ve been dieting towards: *please share this out with your friends if they’re starving themselves but still don’t have abs!

  1. Abs are muscles and you don’t have enough muscle.
    You can lose as much weight as you want but without a block of muscle in your midsection, you may not be in a rush to get into that bikini.  It is difficult it is to build muscle, especially as a woman, all of the right variables must be aligned to even add on 1lb of muscle within 4 weeks.  Low-Calorie diets make it nearly impossible to build any significant muscle and ultimately leave you spinning your wheels.  You’ll never be able to increase muscle especially in your core without eating enough!

  2. You don’t do enough dedicated ab volume or frequency workouts.
    When it comes to building specific muscle groups, many women will spend hours working their glutes or legs at least 3 days per week, yet they won’t take the same approach with abs. If you want to develop a strong midsection, you need to push the volume and frequency.  Do not be lazy and skip your core work.  Instead follow a 4 week ab training cycle and make sure you’re working them 5-6 days per week, then ease up for a week where the workload and intensity are reduced.  

  3. You struggle with proper form and truly engaging your abdominals.
    You may have heard of mind-muscle connection before but there’s a good chance you may not fully grasp that concept when it comes to ab work. Being able to recruit your abs will make them more efficient at generating tension. This process starts in your brain (hence, mind-muscle connection). When doing your isolated ab work, start by contracting your abs and brace like you are about to get punched in the gut. You should use a slow and deliberate tempo to complete the repetition. The goal is to feel your abs working in as few reps as possible (not to bang out as many reps in the shortest amount of time). Utilizing isometric holds will help you grasp this concept quickly.


I hope these tips are helpful and if you need a solid ab routine, go download my free glute & core guide and I will take you through 4 days of core burning circuits.  I am getting amazing feedback from the ladies who’ve been using  these workouts!  You can download it here: