You Can't Build Your Booty and Starve at the Same Time

You can't build your booty and starve at the same time. Learn when & why bulking does a body good!

Thinking about how women will lower their calorie intake but complain they’re losing the booty or the booty is the first thing to go.  Listen, in order to build muscle, you have to eat some protein & fats. 

Today I’m going to share with you why bulking should be an important part of your nutrition cycle a few times a year and how to do it without adding unnecessary amounts of body fat.

Let’s start with what a bulk is:
The Bulk: A period of time when the primary goal is building muscle, gaining weight, increasing strength, or all of the above. Calorie intake is increased so a caloric surplus is present.

How long should you bulk?  That depends on how much time you’ve got!  If my clients let me, I’d have them bulk for a minimum of 6 months but I’m not that lucky!  Many clients become head cases b/c they can no longer see their deep ab cuts or they start to see cellulite form so that freak out and want to start cutting pretty quickly (I’m guilty of this too btw!).  That being said, you can get a pretty decent muscle growth (about 1-3lbs) within a 3 month time frame.  So if you can make it 12 weeks, you can see significant booty growth!

Here’s what I’ve found to be the most effective way to bulk:  The goal here is to build quality lean muscle mass while keeping fat gains to an absolute minimum.

~ A caloric surplus is DEFINITELY required, only it’s closely monitored and set to a level that is optimal for both muscle growth AND preventing any unnecessary body fat from being gained. The same goes for the rate of weight gain. Since muscle can only be gained so fast, the focus is on slow and gradual (yet still consistent) increases in body weight to ensure muscle is being gained without a ton of fat coming with it.

~ Along with the caloric surplus the entire weight training routine (like aiming to grow your glutes & hamstrings)is
set up accordingly to improve calorie partitioning (meaning how your body uses the extra calories you’re consuming… to support muscle growth or just go towards fat storage?).

~With this type of bulking, we’re doing everything we can to ensure muscle is being built as fast as it can while ALSO doing everything we can to ensure there is as little fat as possible coming with it.

~ Here's the tough pill to swallow:  Everyone will always gain at least some small amount of fat along with muscle when creating a caloric surplus. But the goal should be to adjust diet and training to ensure the ratio of muscle to fat gain is as ideal as it can possibly be.

This smarter approach to a bulk is imperative if you want to build a lean firm booty with MINIMAL fat gain.

I hope these tips are helpful in deciding where you should go with your nutrition for building a strong backside!  Don’t forget to download a copy of my Glute & Core guide here:

You’ll have 4 days of glute & core focused workouts along with nutrition tips and most importantly WHY it’s so important to build these muscle groups!