My 3 best tips for dropping that stubborn “Mommy” tummy

My 3 best tips for dropping that stubborn “Mommy” tummy!

As an NPC Bikini competitor, I understand what it takes to get stage ready and cut my “mommy” tummy FAST.  The problem is that a contest prep nutrition and workout plan is not maintainable long term nor is it safe.  Far too often, women will slash their calories and add in a crazy amount of cardio for extended periods of time.  In the long run, they’ll see their weight loss plateau, become frustrated and throw in the towel. 

Today I want to share with you my 3 best tips for dropping that stubborn mommy tummy without starving or hour long cardio sessions!

  1. Use a carb depletion strategy that works long term.  When you use a particular carb depleting approach you’ll see how you can target that mid-section fluff without wreaking havoc on your metabolism.  

    1. Remember, if you want to truly burn fat – you have to “prime” your metabolism in order for refeeds or higher carb days to work properly.  Using this method will cause your refeed days to facilitate the fat loss process instead of stopping it.

    2. Healthy Carb depletion works in a couple of ways:

      1. It’s one of the fastest ways to drain the body of carbohydrate stores and/or muscle glycogen (a catalyst to using fat as fuel).

      2. Shuts off the body’s dependence on sugars and carbs as energy sources.

      3. Reprograms your metabolism to teach it where fat stores are readily available (typically in the lower stomach & hips for women)for energy needs.

      4. Primes your muscles and hormones to “want” and “need” more carbs and extra calories for your refeed days.

      5. Properly applied carb depletion sets up your metabolism for balanced and healthy rapid fat loss to work for the long haul.

  2. Determine the RIGHT macronutrient goals to facilitate fat loss.  You need to figure out your calorie needs that will cause weight loss and still fuel your workouts.  Once you’ve got your calories set then you’ll utilize specific percentages of each macronutrient on carb depletion days and refeed days.

    1. On Carb depletion days, you’ll increase protein & fats to hit your calorie goal

    2. On refeed days, you’ll lower protein & fats, increase carbs to hit your calorie goal.

    3. The right macronutrient goals ensures that you’re limited to eating whole minimally processed foods and eliminating alot of foods that cause bloating.  Therefore shedding the mommy tummy!

  3. Lift weights and utilize HIIT training.  Do not be afraid to start incorporating weights and challenge yourself with HIIT workouts.  

    1. Building lean muscle speeds up fat loss in a few ways:

      1. Your body really DOES burn more calories maintaining muscle than it does maintaining fat.

      2. The higher your muscle mass, the more calories you'll burn when you rest. For every pound of muscle you gain, your body uses about 50 extra calories a day.

    2. HIIT training is by far one of the most effective fat loss cardio methods:

      1. HIIT training burns calories long after your session is over.  The excess amount of oxygen consumed helps increase your rate of metabolism from about 90 minutes to 144 minutes after a session of interval training. Thus the increased metabolism helps burn more calories at a faster rate.

      2. HIIT ensures you lose fat and not muscle – Steady cardio is often associated with losing muscle. HIIT workouts, however, combine weight training (the weight being your body) and effectively allows us to preserve their muscle gain while still shedding weight.

      3. While we can’t spot reduce, HIIT training will produce fat loss and that fat loss can finally drop from your tummy!

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