Did you have too much fun watching the epic game last night? Here are 3 ways to get back on your plan FAST.

Did you have too much fun watching the epic game last night?  Do these 5 things today to get back on track FAST.

I was talking with a client this morning and she was confessing to me that she completely blew it yesterday on her macros.  This is totally normal & actually kinda expected!  But here’s where her real mistake was about to happen:  First she did 45 minutes of stairmaster this morning, and her eating plan today was to eliminate starches and only have green veggies, then do her normal leg session today and finish it with 20 minutes of HIIT.  Um, WHAT?!  No, this is not realistic and can set up some unhealthy patterns for every single time you over do it.

Try these tips instead if you have a bad day or few days (like a Superbowl party):

  • Cut out all added or processed sugar and lower your salt & fat intake.

  • Include good sources of protein and fiber (whole foods) with every meal, which slow digestion and keep insulin happy. Happy insulin = no cravings.  There is no need to eliminate startchy veggies like sweet potatoes, brown rice.  You’re only setting yourself for hunger and feeling deprived.

  • Plan & schedule your workout for today. Exercise calms us down, and suppresses the stress hormones that cause our cravings for junk food to go awry.  But do your normal workout, don’t try add in extra cardio or sit in the sauna forever.

  • Get your water in.  I aim for 1 gallon per day and with the humidity today, it’s closer to 1.5gal.  Obviously, if you don’t drink this much normally, you don’t need to start.  But I encourage you to drink the minimum required based on your current weight.  The water will flush out the excess salt, reduce bloating, aid in digestion

What doesn't work?  Slashing your intake and restricting your eating today.  Starving yourself does just that — puts your body into starvation mode, which activates stress hormones, puts us in a state of inflammation, and disrupts your normal metabolism to minimize caloric spending. In other words, minimizing calories spent equals more fat stored, which is a bad idea.

You can also skip the hour long punishment cardio session in sweatpants and a waist trainer.  This sets yourself up for an unhealthy relationship with food and cardio.  You’ll begin to think, “Oh I can eat 6 donuts or 3 slices of pizza and just do the stairmaster for an hour.”  Don’t start this game.  You won’t win in the long run.

I hope these tips are helpful and get you back on track today!  We tackle in detail topics like this in my FRESH Start program and you can learn specifics on how to handle social events while still seeing results.  You can get program details via the link here https://goo.gl/2OUjfm and we start in 1 week on February 13th.  I would love to have you join!