Is the Honeymoon Phase Wearing Off?

Is the honeymoon phase wearing off?  Here are 3 ways to stay motivated with your workout plan.

Ok, let’s be real, are you still following your resolutions?  Maybe/maybe not?  Personal motivation is key to achieving the results you’re after.  If we're not motivated, we're more likely to squander our time and neglect our fitness & health goals.  Here’s the thing, after our move, I was chomping at the bit to resume workouts but I understand that’s not the case for everyone.  I want to be clear starting back has been HARD this week.  But now I’m into day 3 and feeling like my groove is coming back!

Today I want to share with you 3 ways to stay motivated to stick with your plan:

  1. Remind yourself of your goals. Usually before you began this journey, you probably made short- and long-term goals. If you start to lose sight of your goals, then you may be less motivated than if you were always checking to see how much closer you are getting throughout the whole process. Keeping track of your goals and checking your progress can help keep you motivated day in and day out.  An easy way to keep track is jotting it on your calendar or planner on your phone, somewhere that you’ll see it every week.

  2. Make sure to reward yourself every time you achieve your weekly goals. This could be as simple as a putting $5 or $10 in a jar each week, a nail appointment, or new workout clothes (hello Lululemon!).  Set a reminder in your phone for those weekly checkpoints so you stay on track.  Whatever rewards will keep you going are the ones you should be giving yourself.

  3. Watch and read motivational stories or speeches. Everyone deserves a great pep talk every once in awhile.  This may sound cheesy but seriously it works on those days you’re feeling blah and can’t seem to make time to workout.  Stay elevated by watching YouTube videos of inspirational moments so you can suddenly feel a new sense of motivation to keep striving.  Some of my faves are CT Fletcher, Rob & Dana Lynn Bailey, Gary Vaynerchuk (not fitness but his rants are so motivating!)

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