Want to Build Your Glutes?

Aiming to build your backside?  Add these 3 things to your routine!

For years I chased building my glute strength by doing all bodyweight movements, tons of long form cardio, and strict dieting which produced zero results.  Every single contest prep in the first few years of competing, I would find myself hustling the last 6 weeks doing glute work & plyometrics in an effort to keep my backside! 

2 years ago I completely revamped my training methods and discovered that strong glutes are built through a combination of nutrition and specific weight lifting moves.  Today I want to share with you 3 things to add to your weekly workout routine so you can start building your cakes!

  1. Heavy Squats.  Do not be afraid to increase your squat weight.  If you’ve been lifting, I encourage you to test your rep maxes.  Once you know your 1-2 rep max, you’ll be able to work based of rep max percentages.  Which leads to heavier squats, more muscle, more calorie burn!  If you’re just starting out, start with bodyweight squats, progress to goblet squats, then pre-loaded bar back squats and so on.  Schedule at least 1 heavy squat day into your routine each week.

  2. Small movements can produce big results.  Think of adding in some resistance bands or slider plates to your glute workouts.  Banded glute walks, duck walks, and lateral lunges w/the slider plates do not allow room for big range of motion.  This means, that small controlled movement will fire up those glutes FAST.  You can keep sets/reps low on these for a couple of weeks then slowly increase reps or band resistance to keep challenging yourself!

  3. Change up your cardio routine.  Stop wasting 30-45 minutes doing worthless cardio.  Instead do 15-20 minutes of sprint intervals on an incline, stairmaster intervals, or plyometric work (jump split lunges, box jumps, isolated leg jumps) to get those glutes working.  Add this type of work in twice a week to see changes in the shape of your cakes.

Putting these tips to work will get you on your way to building your glutes!  If you’d like to learn 3 of my best glute training circuits, drop your email via the link here and I’ll send them your way.  It also includes 4 days of my favorite core circuits!  These are a few of the exact workouts the gals in my Chiseled program are using and they are seeing crazy good results!