Prioritize Your Sleep to Maximize Fat Loss


Restful sleep plays a major role in our body composition goals.  Whether we want to drop body fat or gain muscle, you are slowing down your progress when you put sleep low on your priority list.  Today I'm sharing with you a few ways to encourage better sleep tonight!  

Most of us have trouble falling asleep due to stress and anxiety.  We are busy wives, moms, & business owners--of course we're anxious!  As we continue to get into this busy season, our life demands increase and it's easy for us to miss out on sleep.  These specialized sleep strategies tackle stress and anxiety head on!

Strategy 1 – Plan Tomorrow in 60 Seconds

Clear your mind by planning out your next day a few hours prior to bed. This can take under a minute. List the top three things you need to get done. This has a remarkable effect on reducing anxiety.

Strategy 2 – Write Down 3 Good Things

Right before you go to bed, jot down three things you're thankful for. Having positive thoughts before bed decreases stress levels. Most athletes and executives who follow this strategy often report not even remembering their head hitting the pillow. Powerful stuff. And yes, you can be thankful for your kid staying in bed all night and a husband who helps with the laundry.

Strategy 3 – Squash Low Blood Sugar

One common issue for those who wake up in the middle of the night is low blood sugar. Having a high-fat, pre-bed snack often fixes the issue. Something as simple as some peanut butter or a casein protein shake with coconut oil will do the trick.

Strategy 4 – Supplement Wisely

Sometimes you need an extra kick in the gym, whether it's loud music or pre-workout.  The same goes for sleep. Here is one of my favorite pre-bed routines that helps me get in the mindset of bedtime: 10-20 minute HOT shower, a cup chamomile tea with valerian root, and a scoop of glutamine

Make restful sleep a priority and reap the benefits of improved muscle gain & fat loss.  

Talk to you soon,