Here's the Holiday workout plan you need to follow.

The mistake most of us make during the holiday season is trying to fit our regular workouts into a busier, more unpredictable holiday schedule. This never works. All that ends up happening is we inevitably miss workouts, feel frustrated, and don't make any progress.  We do too much for it to count as recovery work, but don't do enough to actually make any progress.

The majority of us are facing a time-crunched, often unavoidable four to six week period packed full of shopping, crowded malls, sick kiddos, Christmas programs, fun family get-togethers, parties with friends, parties with co-workers, and Sunday brunch with friends visiting from out of town.

At this point in my life, it's just not realistic for me not to expect to cut back on gym time during the holidays.  To be completely honest, I’m happier now spending time with my brothers and their families, who I rarely see, as opposed to the guilt I used to feel missing a workout.

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Instead of feeling frustrated and defeated with missing workouts, I want to encourage you to focus on adaptability.

Today I want to share the exact workout schedule you need to follow over the next two weeks. Take a proactive approach and make a conscious decision that for the next two to three weeks you're going to switch to a customized workout designed around your lack of time and availability.

Instead of trying to work around the limitations, use them as our parameters. That way it's almost guaranteed that you’ll succeed.

Watch the full video on my Facebook page...

Watch the full video on my Facebook page...


Here’s your workout plan for the next two weeks:

  1. Plan to train 3-4 days per week, keeping each session less than 30 minutes.

  2. Divide your training splits into 1 upper body day, 1 lower body day, and 1 full body day.  If you get in a 4th day, you can complete a HIIT workout.

  3. Finish each workout with a conditioning circuit.

Grab a printable copy of the workouts here!

Grab a printable copy of the workouts here!


Here are your workouts:


UPPER BODY:  This workout is broken into 2 giant sets, complete all rounds/reps in set 1 before starting giant set 2.  Finish with the 10 minute EMOM

Giant Set 1:  3 Rounds/12 Reps each

Seated Shoulder Press

Bench Dips

Incline Pushups

Giant Set 2:  3 Rounds/12 Reps each

Diamond Push ups

Seated Arnold press

Standing Lateral Raises

10 Minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute)  EMOM Example

15 KB Sumo Deadlifts

10 Pushups

20 Bodyweight Squats


LEGS:  This workout is broken into 2 giant sets, complete all rounds/reps in set 1 before starting giant set 2.  

Giant Set 1:  3 Rounds/10 Reps each

Goblet Squats


Single Leg Deadlift (left)


Single Leg Deadlift (right)

Giant Set 2:  3 Rounds/10 Reps each

Step ups on Bench


Bodyweight Squats


Kettlebell Swings


FULL BODY:  1 Round for time

1 mile run then...

50 Jump rope

40 bodyweight squats

30 Butterfly sit ups

20 Push-ups

10 Burpees

50 Jump rope

Seriously, if you can maintain your regular gym routine through the holidays, then more power to you!  I miss those days, especially right now when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.  But if you’re like me who needs to adapt their training during this busy season, this is how to do it.

Download a copy of the workouts here that include video links to all of the moves.  Post your feedback on the workouts using the  hashtag #sarahcanntraining on Facebook and Instagram so I can keep up with your progress during the holidays! 

Talk to you soon,