Don’t blow your progress at the Christmas party. Use these tips to indulge and still hit your goals!


Do you have Christmas parties coming up this weekend?  I wanted to share with you the details on how to navigate holiday parties without undoing the work you’ve accomplished!  You’ll learn how to navigate Restaurants, Cocktails, and Family parties.

First let’s start with a couple of Do’s and Don’ts when trying to plan ahead for these holiday events.

DO:  Get a 30 minute sweat session the day of the party if possible.  Focus on a combination of full body resistance training or a larger muscle group like legs partnered with HIIT training or intervals.  That calorie burn will keep your metabolism lit the rest of the day.  It will also allow that extra sugar & fats to be used towards recovery instead of storage.  You can grab a FANTASTIC sweat session using one of my MetCon workouts featured here if you need some ideas!

DO:  Hit your protein and water goal for the day early.  Strive to get in at least 80% of your protein for the day in by dinner time today.  Same goes for water.  Focusing on these 2 will help offset any cravings for going overboard in treats that you didn’t plan for.

DON’T:  Starve yourself the day after if you overdo it at the party.  It doesn’t work.  It sets you up for failure.  It leaves you frustrated.  Get back on macros, drink plenty of water, get in your workout.

Now let’s dive into the other areas of a typical holiday weekend:

Determine where you’re going ahead of time.  Most of the time, friends and family will claim the restaurant that they are going to far in advance and that makes things really easy.  Start with Google.  Many restaurants will provide their nutritional values for all of their meals.  Normally, there is a healthy choice area of restaurants but if not, no fear. No one should have macros so low that they couldn't work around this and just adjust for the rest of the day’s carbs or fats.  If you have been wanting a steak, get a steak. You’ll just have to make adjustments to offset those macros.

Lookup nutritional info if available and track/log.  If you are going to be dining at a large chain restaurant, then you should put that meal into Myfitnesspal at the beginning of the day and then you can work your other meals around those numbers.  For example, I’ve got a girls night planned and we’ve picked the restaurant because you know we’re all moms who are normally limited on our options!  So, I logged my dinner plans in FIRST, then figured the rest of my day around what macros I have left over.

Christmas Party Cocktails & Appetizers:

1.  Eat 80-90% of your macros before the party. Choose foods early in the day that are whole or minimally processed, lower in carbohydrates, and fats.

2.  Aim to eat a small meal (150-250 calories) 1-2 hours prior to the party. This will help keep hunger to a minimum once you arrive to the party.

3.  Focus on “tastes.” When holiday parties and family gatherings are heavy on appetizers, fill your cocktail plate with “tastes” of each.

~Set realistic expectations.  Aim to hit most of your protein early in the day, save your carb & fat intake to consume at the party.  If you don’t currently track, keep it simple, eat sensibly early in the day so you can drop the guilt at the party.
~Bring a healthy dish.  You may not be able to control what your friends bring for everyone to munch on, but you can decide on something healthy to bring yourself. Bring a treat you’ll feel good about eating.  Some examples being spinach dip or healthy nachos, veggie tray, etc.  
~Don’t forget the H20! While a couple of cocktails or glasses of wine won’t hurt, be mindful of how much you consume. You could end up feeling bloated and no one likes that. Try alternating your indulgences with water.  Go with the tried & true method of having an 8oz glass of water in between each cocktail or glass of wine.  Make sure you get in that gallon, especially on this day!

I hope these tips are helpful but remember the most important part of the season, enjoying time with your family & friends!