Here’s How You Can Stay Aggressive with Your Goals This Month.


The habits and daily practices you put into effect this month will set the tone for January and subsequent months.  You know that as we get closer to Christmas, the more “busy” life is going to get.  It’s easy to put our workouts and eating priorities on the back burner.  The problem with that is when we lose focus on training & nutrition, it snowballs into extended periods and can even completely reverse all of our hard work!  I know from personal experience--Knox got his first ear infection and it’s completely thrown me off.  I’ve missed some workouts, under ate, and it shows in my energy level & attitude.  It reminded me, once again, that when I skip workouts I am not a happy person.  That unhappiness affects those around me, especially Jason and the kids.

Instead of dwelling on last week, I decided now was the best time of the year to stay aggressive with reaching my goals.  Today I’m going to share with you a few ways I plan to make it happen.  If you’re dealing with a busy season of life, I encourage you to give these tips a try!

Here are a few ways you can stay on it this month:

  1. Set December workout goals. Regardless of whether or not you indulge in holiday desserts, sticking to your exercise plan will help you handle the stress of the season. Just maintaining your routine can bring an important little bit of sanity to an otherwise crazy time of year. Workouts also releases endorphins, natural mood boosters that help cheer you up on dark winter mornings. As a bonus, many people find that when they stagger out the gym after a hard workout, it’s much easier to make smart nutritional choices because they just aren’t interested in sugary junk food.  To keep yourself motivated during the holidays, try setting a personal strength or cardio goal for December, like getting in 10 workouts between now and December 31.  Then plan some kind of reward when you make it. Having a definite plan in mind will help you much more than the vague idea that you need to keep up with your workouts.

  2. Go to sleep.  You guys know how much I LOVE SLEEP!  That being said, as it gets closer to Christmas, we spend extra time awake shopping, wrapping presents, or getting ahead on work so we can enjoy time off.  That makes it easy for us to go to bed late or wake up early only running on a few hours of sleep.  This practice makes us vulnerable to getting sick, then skipping workouts & eating comfort foods to get better.  You don’t have this luxury.  Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night or schedule a 20 minute nap when you stay up late.

  3. Focus on your long term goals.  It’s easy for Christmas time to feel stressful and demanding so adding the pressure of sticking with your macros can be overwhelming.  It’s important not to expect perfection from yourself.  If you make a crappy eating choice because out of exhaustion or convenience, just accept that it happened and move on.  You can move on by planning ahead for your meals the following day or aim to hit your protein goal for the next 10 days.  Either option will redirect you towards reaching your ultimate goal.

I hope these tips help you to stay aggressive this month!  If you need some quick workouts during this busy season, grab a copy of my Metabolic Conditioning guide where I share 5 of my favorite MetCon workouts.  Every workout takes less than 30 minutes and will leave you a sweaty mess, promise!  Here’s the link to download!

Talk to you soon,