Here’s What You Need to Achieve Long Lasting Results

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It’s that time of year ladies.  When we put our needs and goals on the back burner for the next 4 weeks while we take care of all the Christmas shopping, decorating, and hosting.  You’ll find yourself dealing daily with bloating, energy crashes, and general moodiness because your favorite party dress is a little too tight for comfort.  

Let’s change that NOW.  Here’s what you need to do in order to see long lasting results even through the holidays!

You need to begin the right carb cycling routine so your body doesn’t hit a set point.

When you continue to eat fewer calories and exercise excessively, your body learns to survive on less, thus slowing your metabolic rate and lowering your body’s caloric set point.  When you follow the right carb cycling routine (right in terms of what’s exact % for you), your body is kept guessing and your metabolic rate slowly improves over time.

You need to increase your metabolic rate with effective workouts.

In order to burn fat long term, you need to increase your metabolic rate effectively. Strength training and high intensity interval training have both been proven workout methods for increasing resting metabolic rate. They are the foundation of the Chiseled workouts, and when paired with our nutrition cycle are insanely effective.

Don’t deprive yourself.

Feeling deprived is what keeps people running on the proverbial diet hamster wheel. When you feel deprived on a regular basis, you end up binging on a regular basis.  This is especially true during this social time of the year.  You’ll skip parties or events in an effort to stay on track only to blow it late at night because you’re bummed you missed out.  Or you’ll do the opposite and go crazy at the event because you’ve “done so good all week.”  The Chiseled program is effective because it allows you to enjoy your favorite treats while staying on track to meet your goals.  We’ll even cover how to accurately account for cocktails in your plan!

Here’s the bottom line:  If you want to burn fat and get lean, regardless of the busy time of the year, stop looking for quick fixes that leave you feeling deprived and exhausted.  Instead, invest in a program that will teach you how to rev up your metabolism and effectively burn fat for maximum fat loss and better overall health.

The Chiseled program is just that. You’ve heard me talk about it before, but just in case you are still sitting there waiting to pull the trigger on joining, let me give you a few more details. The Chiseled program is a 6 week plan that I have been perfecting over the last three years. It has helped HUNDREDS of women reach their goals in a healthy way: without deprivation, without misery, without hours on the treadmill.

If you want to see real results over the holidays and start your new year with a strong lean body, then you can’t afford to waste your time and money on another program or thinking you can go it alone. The Chiseled program is insanely effective.  It will not just help you lose weight, but will also give you the skills and strategies needed to maintain your accomplishment for life.

Let’s be clear, the program is not always easy, but your health and your goals and your sanity are worth the effort!

Registration is now open for our January 1 group.   It will undoubtedly get you results. Reserve your spot today!