3 Tips to Help You Enjoy Post Halloween Treats WITHOUT the Guilt!



I am so over seeing these images of for each piece of candy equals so many burpees or push-ups! This kind of trash is what throws some people into an obsessive thought pattern of, “Oh, I have to do an hour of cardio tomorrow because of all the candy I had today.” Listen, if you want to do burpees for candy because you haven’t been working out, that’s fine, but don’t punish yourself with them.

Today, I’m going to share with you my top 3 Do’s & Don’ts when it comes to enjoying those leftover Halloween treats.

DO: Plan for a few pieces of fun sized candy or some type of Halloween treat if you’re actually craving it (cupcake, rice krispy treat, etc). Utilize MyFitnessPal or another tracking app if you track macros and make those treats fit your goals for the day.

DON’T: Tell your kiddo you can’t have something they want to share with you because, “you’re dieting.” I literally heard a woman at the Zoo the other night tell her sweet little girl dressed as a princess this garbage. Whether you believe me or not, this type of talk has an impact on our children. There are other ways to say no, like, “Mommy is really full or I had so much candy my tummy hurts, etc”

DO: Get a 30 minute sweat session in today. Focus on a combination of full body resistance training or a larger muscle group like legs partnered with HIIT training or intervals. That calorie burn will keep your metabolism lit the rest of the day. It will also allow that extra sugar & fats to be used towards recovery instead of storage.

DON’T: Obsess about the calorie burn on your watch. These things are notoriously off and can lead to unhealthy relationships with exercise. Go to the gym, do the workout, go home.

DO: Hit your protein and water goal today. Strive to get in at least 80% of your protein for the day in by dinner time today. Same goes for water. Focusing on these 2 will help offset any cravings for going overboard in treats that you didn’t plan for.

DON’T: Starve yourself tomorrow if you blow it today. It doesn’t work. It sets you up for failure. It leaves you frustrated. Get back on macros, drink plenty of water, get in your workout.

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