3 Tips to Stay On Track During the Holidays

Tips During the Holidays.png

As we get into the Christmas season, I’ve been thinking about some of my food temptations. Talking with my clients in the VIP program last week, we were going over food swaps, cleaned up recipes, etc.  And those are all great ways to help you stay on track.  But my issue is temptation, like I’ll have that mindset of, “I never get to eat this so let’s eat all of it!”  

With most diet plans, there are only two possible responses:  Hope that you have the willpower to ignore the craving and stay committed to the plan, or give in to the craving and feel like a failure.

Luckily, these are not the only two responses you can choose.  I’m going to share a few other ways to help you win the battle of wills and overcome those food temptations.  These tips will help you skip that typical 5-10lbs of weight gain during the holiday season!

1) Minimize the Intensity  The only reason cravings are so strong is because you create tension in yourself by saying, “I want that but I can’t have it.”  Not being able to have something only makes you want it more!  Instead, see the donut (or whatever is tempting you) for what it really is.  “It’s just a blob of flour, sugar and fat.  Yes, it smells good, yes, it would probably taste good, and if I really want to eat it, I can.  But do I really want to?”
You’d be surprised how well this approach works - it knocks that smug donut right off its pedestal and minimizes the intensity of the craving.  Have the donut but if you’re eating for your goals, you’ll have to accept that you may be eating egg whites and sweet potatoes the rest of the day--is it worth it?

2) Long-Term Gains  Is the enjoyment you would gain from eating one donut worth missing out on the accomplishment of reaching your weight loss goals?  Granted, in the heat of the moment it might seem worth it.  But if you take a step back from the craving and remember how badly you want to feel the joy of being strong and healthy - suddenly the benefits the donut offers seem shallow and fleeting in comparison.

3) The REAL Deprivation.  Wanting a tasty sugary treat and not allowing yourself to have it triggers a strong sensation of deprivation - but if you do give in to the craving, what are you REALLY depriving yourself of?  Success?  Finally feeling comfortable in your body?  Wearing the clothes that show off your hard work?  A longer life?  Better quality of life?  Is a donut really worth that?  Stop giving food power--you’re in control.

Once you get into the habit of seeing temptation in a different light, suddenly it doesn’t seem so hard to overcome it and stay focused on what you REALLY want - that beautiful, lean, and strong body.

Let’s be clear, I post about donut all the time.  If I want a donut, I’m going to have one but that also means, I’m consciously making that decision.  If I do it on a whim, I have to offset it the rest of the day.  

By putting these tips to use, you will minimize the power those food temptations have and eliminate your risk of holiday weight gain!