Macro Friendly and Portable Snacks

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Are you hitting the road this weekend for Thanksgiving travel?  Are you nervous you’re going to blow your macro goals just trying to get your destination?  Don’t stress!  I’ve put together my best tips for eating on the road without undoing your progress.

First, if you’re traveling by car:  Pack a small cooler with ice and fill with:  Hard boiled eggs, nonfat greek yogurt, tuna salad made with real mayo or mustard, chicken salad, deli-style nitrate free roasted turkey or chicken breast, extra water bottles.

If you’re flying during the Thanksgiving holiday try to plan ahead with these dry foods you can include on your carry-on bag or purse:  Roasted almonds, individual serving peanut butter packs, beef jerky, Quest brand protein bars, pretzel chips, sugar free gum, flavored sparkling water,


Here are a few of my staples that help me avoid temptation of grabbing not so great choices when we hit the road.  I've also included links so you can find these items too!

  • Protein bars, my personal fave is the Think Thin Lemon Delight.  Many people like Quest bars as well.  Both brands are found at most grocery and convenience stores.  These are perfect for when my sweet tooth cravings hit!

  • Individual almond packs.  I love these Wasabi Soy ones by Blue Diamond! Share a bag though as these calories add up fast while snacking.

  • Beef Jerky.  The Krave brand has awesome flavors!  Right now, I'm digging the garlic chili pepper one.  Jerky is a great way to get your protein in while on the go.

  • Individual oatmeal packs.  Remember to pick the plain oats to avoid excess sugar.  I typically throw a couple of these in my purse or carry-on along with an empty shaker cup.  Once I get to the airport or on the flight, I'll mix it with water, then to make it sweet I'll add a scoop of whey protein and a small banana.  This typically is around 230-300 calories so this would count as a "small meal" for me.  But it keeps me full for for a while!

  • Individual whey protein packs.  I am so excited that single servings of whey protein is becoming more and more common on store shelves!  My favorite right now is the Quest brand packs like Vanilla Shake and Strawberry Creme. These can be drank alone or like in the above example, used to flavor your oatmeal.  So tasty!

  • Water.  I know this should go without saying but seriously.  Drink plenty of water while traveling.  Staying hydrated ensures you flush out any excess salt and helps reduce bloating.  No one wants to arrive to their destination feeling squishy from all the water retention so drink up lol!

By using these tips, you will be ready to make food choices to meet your macronutrient goals regardless of the holiday craziness  You can maintain your weight loss success through the holidays with simple but intentional adjustments to your daily nutrition.  

Talk to you soon,