Save Your Money

Here's the REAL Secret to Fat Loss Success

As a personal trainer and nutritionist I get hit up pretty often by acquaintances, extended family members to try various weight loss or energy boosting products.  We are bombarded daily on social media with a lot of noise about these “magic” pills that will suddenly produce results without you having to change anything.  

Today I’m going to share with you the big secret to seeing success.

The secret is WORK.  I want you to save your money on those products and instead put that $100 per month on buying real whole food, a gym membership, or hiring me to help you.

Let’s say for example, you decide to purchase the pills, shakes, whatever and you see incredible weight loss, then what?

Here are 3 reasons your results using magic pills, wraps, and drinks won’t last:

  1. You won’t discover healthy habits.  Many of these products claim, eat whatever, take your pill, and still lose weight.  Please take into account that the fine print when you see progress photos show either “Results not typical” OR “Best results achieved when partnered with a healthy diet and exercise.”  Eating towards your goals and sweating once a day (by exercise) is the only long term solution.

  2. You never discover your why.  When success is met easily, it is almost never savored or appreciated.  Trying to take the shortcut to great results in your weight loss or healthy lifestyle goals will not let you realize your why and how much you need it.  What happens when you plateau on that shake or wrap?  You will be forced to dig deep to determine why you want to keep pushing forward.

  3. You won’t discover self-discipline.  If you think drinking a tea or doing a wrap will undo that craptastic weekend of eating, by all means go ahead.  The problem with this is that you begin to develop a pattern of eating outside of your goals, taking a pill that “blocks” fat, then being confined to the toilet all day thanks to the detox process of whatever’s in the proprietary blend.  Is being on the toilet all day worth that overeating?  In my opinion, no.  Learn to love yourself more.  Feed your body based on your goals and be proud of the discipline you’ve learned when you see results!

This was not meant to make you feel bad about using those things.  If you’ve found success using these types of supplements, that’s great!  BUT maybe add in the WORK to produce sustainable habits and long-term results.  Or maybe imagine your success using your product ALONG WITH a healthy diet & exercise.

Keep this info in mind the next time you are hit up with the latest fat loss product.  If you’re ready to add some workouts in with your favorite weight loss product, download my free guide to metabolic conditioning and get 5 of my favorite MetCons that take less than 20 minutes!  You can grab a copy here: