The Right Mix of Cardio and Carbs that Reignite Fat Loss

To get to the next level with reshaping your body, you've got to amp up your workouts and dial in your nutrition more than you've already been. I know, no big surprise there. But, how do you determine what needs to change in your workouts & diet to see those results?

Here’s the answer: Shake up your cardio routine and tailor your carb intake to your workouts. We want to add just enough cardio to boost your calorie burn without interrupting recovery, and drop carbs enough to reignite fat loss without interfering with your energy and training performance.

First, let’s address your cardio routine. If you are skipping out on MetCons or HIIT training, then you are missing out on all of their fat burning effects! Adding in a regular MetCon routine will produce fat loss results fast. I typically recommend doing three Metabolic Conditioning or HIIT sessions per week on nonconsecutive days. Here’s a quick example, after warming up for a 3-5 minutes on a treadmill, then sprint for 30 seconds, recover with a slow jog or walk for 60 seconds. Repeat 11 sprints followed by cooling down for a couple minutes. This fat burning HIIT session will only takes 20 minutes and it’s so effective!

On the nutrition front, let’s dial in your carb cycling routine with these guidelines:

  • On rest days, limit your carb intake to 20-30% of your total calories
  • When training smaller muscle groups like arms, shoulders, or any active recovery day, aim for low to moderate carbs or 25-35% of your total calories.
  • The hardest training days like legs or back get your maximum carb intake. Fuel those workouts with 40-50% of your total calories coming from carbs.

When you combine HIIT workouts and training day specific carb goals, you’ll be able to quickly shed body fat without hindering muscle loss. You can put these strategies to work in The CHISELED Program! The next round begins on Monday, November 6 and register this week for early bird pricing. Get the details via the link here: