Be Vocal About Your Goals!

Alright it is day 4 of 2017, how are your goals or resolutions coming along?  Have you thought about recruiting support from your friends & family to help you reach your goals? Today i want to encourage you to be vocal about your goals and why it's important to your success!

Here are 3 reasons you must start this habit today:

1.  Accountability.  Family can be our worst critics.  When we talk through our goals even in passing, expect judgement, opinions blah blah blah.  Remember that negativity says more about them than it does about you.  Share your weight loss and nutrition goals anyway, SHOW them that you are enjoying the process of learning how to meal plan or establishing a workout routine.  Share your goals with your friends and co-workers as well so they can help you make better choices or maybe you even inspire them to make changes!

2.  Motivation.  When we vocalize our goals, our friends & family will almost ALWAYS follow up on how you’re doing.  The mere fact that you tell to somebody else, will act like an incentive. It’s not about accountability, but about being pumped up and ready to act.  I am a fan of friendly competition so sharing your goals with a buddy can inspire a little friendly wager to keep you motivated.  Make it fun, the person who makes 4 workouts a week for 4 weeks wins a new pair of workout shoes or a $25 grocery gift card, something like that.

3.  Support.  When you vocalize your goals, I want you to actively seek out supportive friends who will cheer for you when you hit certain milestones!  Those same supportive friends will help carry you when the thrill of a new goal wears off--because believe me it will wear off.  You’ll need their support when you feel like saying to hell with it at 10 o’clock at night and eating the entire contents of your fridge (not on my programs btw but on typical restrictive diets).

I know it can seem scary talking about your health & fitness goals but get over it.  You can do scary things.  Your real friends will support you and don’t give the haters a 2nd thought (you don’t need that negativity anyway).  Be intentional about vocalizing those goals and get to work on your action plan to reach them!

With these tips in mind, consider recruiting one of your friends to join you in my FRESH Start program that goes full steam on Monday, January 9th!  You’ll both sign up for just $75 and have that local support that is so important to seeing success in a health & fitness plan.  Click the link here for details and if you & a friend want to sign up, just shoot me a message and you’ll receive a special sign up link!