Macros or a Meal Plan: 4 Ways to decide which one is right for you!

My goal this month is to encourage you to stop making excuses on why you can’t reach your health & fitness goals.  One excuse I hear over and over is, “I don’t have time to track/log all my food.”  Look, I get it, IIFYM isn’t for everyone but macros or not, you still should log your intake to keep you accountable and actually see how certain foods effect you.  Today I'm going to share with you 4 ways to figure out if you should go with IIFYM or follow a meal plan.

  1. You associate healthy eating with salads.  If you’ve begun your diet this week and it includes a salad by itself for lunch every day, invest in a meal plan instead.  A sample menu based on calorie ranges from 1400-1600 (average for most women seeking weight loss) can really help you add some variety to that low calorie restricted diet.  If you’re starving at night, it could be because you didn’t eat enough throughout the day.  A menu can show you filling snacks to incorporate to keep you feeling full & energized all day long.

  2. Your clean eating & stringent workout plan has provided 0 results.  This is the perfect opportunity to implement IIFYM and carb depletion strategies.  You will learn through IIFYM how to properly fuel your workouts while still targeting fat loss.

  3. You are perfectly ok with eating the same foods for lunch Monday-Friday.  A menu AND IIFYM both offer these options!  You do not have to complicate IIFYM by changing your menu each day.  Just eat the same foods every day and maybe swap out dinners.  The same applies to you choosing a meal plan.  If your meal plan has you cooking more than twice a day, you need to drop it.  There are several available that offer you multiple servings from 1 recipe.  Go that route instead.  Ain’t nobody got time to be in the kitchen that much.

  4. You have zero clue about portion sizes.  This is one of my faves because you will learn both of these strategies with either following a menu OR using IIFYM.  Most menus include portion sizes for each meal.  Anyone who follows IIFYM automatically learns portion sizes because it’s needed to hit your macro goals.  A menu can help you take the guesswork out of how much of a recipe you can have.  While IIFYM works with recipes, it’s easier for people starting out to use individual ingredients to track/log their foods.

You can see success on either plan as long as you stay committed!  Take your goals and current lifestyle into consideration when deciding which route to go.  I personally create sample menus based on a client's IIFYM #s as well as offering a few different menu options for women in my online groups who prefer a meal plan.

I hope these tips help you decide which nutrition plan is right for you! 

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