How To Detox Your Nutrition

How to detox your nutrition without running to the potty all day.

I see so many cleanses, teas, and juicing detox plans it’s scary!  But here’s the thing, most of those are loaded with ingredients that may cause a lot of gas, bloating, and running to the toilet all day.  Sorry, I know this is gross but it has to be addressed!

Instead your nutrition detox should be focused on simple to pronounce whole minimally processed foods!  Today I’m sharing the real way to detox your system with some easy changes.

  1. Keep the calorie intake simple.  Aim for a minimum of 1400-1500.  Do not stress over macronutrient goals.  Just hit that calorie mark by tracking every single thing you consume for 3 days.  Here’s a hint:  You’ll get to enjoy more food if you cook it and eliminate dining out during this time.

  2. Drink a minimum of 64oz of water per day over the 3 days.  Limit your caffeine intake to 1 small 6oz cup of coffee or tea per day without sweetener or creamer.  I’m sure it sounds tough but it’s only 3 days, you can do it.

  3. Aim for 3-30 minute “Sweat Dates” during the detox.  Sweating is a great way to aid in detoxification.  Look for any activity that makes you sweat, such as a brisk walk or any other type of full body workout.

The ladies in my FRESH Start program really enjoyed the 5 day nutrition detox and saw significant results in as little as 3 days!  I would love for you to join our next round that starts this Monday, January 30th.  You’ll receive tons of support through the detox week, workouts, and a simple meal guidelines to follow!

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