Most People Give Up On Their Resolutions

It’s the 4th week in January, are you still chipping away at your new year’s resolutions?  I see so many people starting to throw in the towel and begin to become discouraged due to lack of progress or starting to put other things ahead of their health & fitness priorities. Today I want to encourage you to push past being a statistic with some real ways you can stay on track this month!

Here are 3 things you can start today to help you stay focused on your goals:

Schedule your workouts on your calendar. Pen & paper, phone, whatever, schedule them! Set an alarm to remind you when to wrap up what you're doing and get dressed for your workout.

Short on time? Focus on HIIT training:  15min Plyo’s (jumping jacks, box jumps, Jump rope) 15min strength, bicep curls, shoulder press, tricep extensions are great examples.  Keep it simple by going for a quick run 15 minute run with sprint intervals or fast walk to get your heartrate up. Allow 15 minutes in your day, one day a week to plan your meals.  It does not have to be right before you run to the store.  I personally do this on Thursday nights before bed.  Then I create my grocery list the next day and grocery shop on Saturdays.  Believe me, you’ve got 15 minutes to plan your dinners, just do it.

Get accountable. Find a friend who you can share your plans with and ask them to hold you accountable for check-ins, meet ups for workouts, or share workout ideas.  OR you can join my FRESH Start program that’s starting this Monday January 30th!  You will learn the details on all of these tips plus you’ll have to added accountability of an online group. 

The program is just $149 and payment options are available to keep it affordable so just ask!  There are a few discount options available as well for past clients and buddy sign-ups so message me for those details.
You can learn the program details via the link here:



I hope these tips are helpful in motivating you to stay on track this month!