Tired of failing on your plan? Hire someone already. Here are 3 things to look for when hiring a coach or trainer.

Alright, it is the season for resolutions and weight loss plans and tons of new workout offers hitting your inbox!  If you have tried over and over to restart your workout or nutrition plan and you keep blowing it or have plateaued in your progress, it is time to hire someone already.  A good trainer is worth every penny they charge. (I know my online coach is the best money I spend each month!)
A bad trainer is not only a waste of your time and money, but can set you back months or even years in your training. You’ll get no results, and waste valuable time/money in the process.

Today, I want to talk about how you can avoid the bad trainers and find the good ones. They’re not cheap, but the amount of money you spend doesn’t always determine their quality.  Now I’m not just blatantly saying, “hire me” instead I’m going to encourage you to look at 3 basic things when you’re researching your new coach or trainer:

1. Make sure you know what you want. Start by picking your goals first and determine if a trainer you’re researching is the right fit for you.  Just because someone is Instagram famous, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be a good fit for you in a coaching capacity.  If somebody is a competitive marathon runner, they might not be a great powerlifting coach, and vice versa.

So, start with your goals:
-Are you trying to lose 100 pounds? 30 pounds? Get to 10% body fat?
-Are you trying to get stronger or hold your first handstand?
-Do you want to become a competitor?
-Are you looking to run your first marathon?
-Do you just want to feel better about yourself and enjoy exercise?

a) Do you need hands on guidance through all of your exercises?  You may benefit best from an in person coach.
b) Do you thrive on accountability and taking ownership?  You may be better suited for an online coach who can cheer you on virtually and give you some tough love when you’re slacking.

2. Establish a personal conversation with this potential coach. If you’re buying a self-led workout and nutrition plan that’s one thing but if you are joining an online challenge, bootcamp, or wanting more in-depth coaching, a personal one-on-one conversation is absolutely necessary. Before they do anything else ...

  • They SHOULD be listening to you completely and hearing your story.
  • They SHOULD ask about any past issues with injuries or experience with exercise. If you’re injured or have any deficiencies, they should know this so they can create a great program for you.
  • They SHOULD ask you about your nutrition. If they don’t ask about your nutrition, you’re going to be wasting your time.
  • They SHOULD practice what they preach. They don’t have to be an Olympian, but should have a healthy lifestyle.
  • They SHOULD tell you about their expertise and how they can help you. They should be able to share past successes of clients with you or point to their credentials and history of success.
  • They SHOULD set proper expectations. You won’t get ripped in a month, but they can let you know it could take many months to get in shape or build the right kind of habits.

3. Look for a coach with a proven track record of serving needs/goals similar to yours. For example, I do work with male clients on their nutrition and have created workout programming for weight loss BUT if they are looking to compete in bodybuilding or powerlifting, I would defer them to another reputable coach.  My ideal clients are somewhat knowledgeable in IIFYM, wanting to drop 15-20lbs, or focus on body recomposition.  It doesn’t hurt my feelings if people find I’m not the right fit for them b/c I understand and can see that I’m not.

Trainers aren’t cheap, but the benefits can be priceless. Remember, you aren’t paying simply for their time with you, but for the years they’ve spent learning, training, and coaching. It’s the years behind the certification that makes their time so valuable, so expect the cost of a trainer to be significantly more than the cost of a basic membership at your gym.
Find the right coach, and it’s worth every. freaking. Penny.

I hope these tips help you decide to hire a coach and stop spinning your wheels going about it on your own.  We are here to help you!

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