3 of my favorite Apps & sites for meal planning and grocery shopping.

The success of your 2017 weight loss plan is directly linked to your nutrition being 100% on point.

I strongly encourage you to schedule 15-20 minutes each week planning your menu, a separate day for grocery shopping, & another day for meal prep.  It sounds like a lot and you can definitely knock all of it out in one day.  But for me, spacing it out between Thursday-Saturday helps me make it all happen.

Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite apps/sites that save me time on all of it and how I use each one! 

Google Keep--Here's where I jot down my grocery list (I keep a running list each week), menu plans for the week, & links to recipes I want to try.  This app does so much for organizing my days.  If you're a list person, check it out!

Google Keep - Notes and lists by Google, Inc.


Google Docs/Google Drive--So I maaaayyy be a little obsessed with Google but they really make my life easier.  Any recipe that I find via Pinterest or an E-cookbook I download goes straight to my Google docs or drive app on my phone.  Now when I'm in the kitchen making a new recipe, I can open up the document on my phone and have it all there without trying to find the original website again!  

Google Drive - free online storage by Google, Inc.


Walmart Grocery Pickup--If you are not using this service, PLEASE start this weekend!  Many grocery stores offer this service now so check the chains in your area.  The Walmart I order from has curb service so I never have to go into a store, they pick exactly what I order, and the employees are so nice!  It's easy to use and helps you save $ from impulse buys as well.


I hope these apps and sites are helpful for you in meal planning and grocery shopping.  80% of how you look is made up by how you eat.  Meal planning and prep is vital to your success!

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