Do You Need a Detox?

Do you need a detox?  Here are 3 things you can do today to start the process.

Did you plan to start your year healthy but life got in the way?  Maybe you have a great plan but need a little jumpstart?  Today I’m going to share with you a few ways you can start the process of a detox nutrition plan now!

Last week I shared that my FRESH Start and Chiseled body groups were going to be using my 5 Day Detox plan as part of their prep.  I got tremendous response from a post that I thought I was just sharing some details!

The reason I created the detox was so they can clear their bodies of processed sugar, alcohol (from the holidays!), and refined carbohydrates.  Once they got this gunk out of their system, they’d be primed to start their nutrition plans on my programs.

So if you need a detox, here are 3 things you can do today to start the process:

  1. Swap your fast food or restaurant meal for dinner at home.  Don’t have time to cook?  Stop at the store and buy these:  Rotisserie Chicken, Whole wheat pita pockets, bagged salad mix.  Go home have 4oz chicken w/some grapes, slivered almonds, 2 tsp olive oil, and lemon juice mix and put inside the pita.  There’s a detoxifying dinner.  Easy and takes the same amount of time dining out.  

  2. Drink at least 64oz of water today.  Water actually reduces bloating and will help flush out any excess salt from your system.  If you have a massive soda on your desk today, dump it out and fill that 32oz cup with water instead.  Please, your body will thank you.

  3. Make a sweat session happen today.  Give yourself 15-20 minutes of either a brisk walk, run, or a resistance/cardio circuit to get your blood pumping and work up a sweat today.  You will feel tons better and more likely to make healthier food choices the rest of the day/evening.

I hope these Detox tips are helpful and if you’d like the full 5 day detox nutrition plan, click the link here: to download your copy!