Are You Set Up For Success This Week?

Hi, Monday is here again!  How did you spend yesterday?  Hopefully you were enjoying time with your family, relaxing, and getting ready for another work week.  Was meal prep and scheduling your workouts part of agenda yesterday?  It’s easy to skip these items but they are super important to setting up your week for success.


It’s not too late to have a kick ass week by eating towards your goals and making each of your workouts count!  


I want to share with you today 3 easy ways to set up your week for success:


  1. Get pre-cooked or quick cooking foods to hit your macro goals daily.  Pick up items like a Rotisserie chicken, pre-cut/washed veggies, fruit, microwaveable brown rice, Quest or Think Thin brand protein bars, whey protein, egg whites, plain oatmeal.  Get the enough of these basics to cover at least 1 meal and 1 snack for every day this week.

  2. Decide what 3 days this week your workouts will happen.  Be honest with yourself, if you’re starting from zero or restarting your routine, commit to 3 workouts this week and what day they will happen on.  Write those 3 days along with the workout or a link to the workout into your calendar so it’s easy to grab when you get to the gym or get home.

  3. Make a gym date.  Recruit a friend to meet you for a workout at least once this week.  Text, email, FB message her so you guys can coordinate schedules and put it on your calendars.  This is an easy way to keep yourself accountable because you don’t want to be known as the “flaky one.” --I’m only ½ kidding there!