Top 3 Reasons You Should Switch to IIFYM!

Top 3 Reasons You Should Switch to IIFYM!



Coming from a competitor background, I am already used to weighing & measuring my food, keeping a food journal, etc.  So I completely understand it can be daunting for someone just starting out.  I see so many women try IIFYM for a few days and give up or get frustrated but I promise if you push through the difficult first few days it truly is worth it for long term weight loss success!


I want to share with you my top 3 reasons you need track macros & switch to IIFYM:


  1. Your weight loss or progress has stalled.  By switching to IIFYM, you can zero in on your exact macro intake and determine if you’re under eating based on your workouts or overeating.  You only will need to make small variations in your daily intake in order to see results.

  2. You have no concept of what enough food looks like:  Tracking macros is obviously effective in showing you where you need to add more food (usually protein) and where you can lower (usually carbs & fats).  When you put a hard # to that serving of ice cream, you’ll start to think more about whether or not you’re getting the most bang for your buck calorie wise.

  3. You want to practice balance:  If you’ve been an all or nothing dieter, macro tracking will finally break you free of that cycle.  You’ll learn how to enjoy sweets or a good cheeseburger but planning them within your macro goals.  Because your other meals are built around that treat, it can stop you from blowing it the rest of the day.  You’ll know if you’ll be able to eat that particular food again without finishing the whole box.


If you are ready to switch to IIFYM but still feeling overwhelmed, download my free 7 day Macro Shred program here.

You’ll learn how to calculate your macros and receive a sample menu to fit those macros along with a grocery list/recipe guide.


Have you made the switch to IIFYM yet?  What challenges are you facing?